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  1. Nikahova. All these arguments about the matrix / virtuality/a butterfly's dream on a moonless night/and so on are based on a very simple, primitive and meaningless course – “what if A is actually not-A?”. What if people aren't really people? What if reality is actually unreality? What if the mind isn't really the mind? What if what is given to me in the sensation is not really what is given to me in the sensation?

    Asking these questions is a waste of time.

  2. if we consider that for Buddhists the world is an illusion, then there is no tragedy. what's the difference between what you're made of? From molecules or from zeros and ones? The program is you or the squirrels. The main thing is that you can think and create. Let your self program considers you what you think you are, it is much more interesting to catch its failures! I've caught such moments. The matrix? So what? I use IT. You just need to find out what your creator wants from you. Check the conclusions for repeatability. And live your world as you like. To dig deeper, you need to have a reason. Is it worth it?

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