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  1. Your freedom and your rights end exactly where you allowed yourself to be pinched. You will never have something that was never important to you.

  2. Well, for example, you came to your dacha with friends and decided to fry kebabs. Well, to make things go smoothly-turn on your favorite music – as loud as possible. And on the neighboring plot, people also want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, while they prefer the silence and birdsong.�

    That is, you certainly have every right to listen to your favorite music while on your own territory. But your neighbors also have the same inherent right to enjoy the peace of their own territory. That is, your right (freedom of action/whatever) ends where their right (freedom of action/whatever) begins. Therefore, the compromise rules – You listen to your favorite music at a volume that allows your neighbors to experience the least discomfort from it, and they, in turn, do not spoil your rest with their indignant requests to make the music quieter.�

    That is, any person is free to do whatever he sees fit, exactly until the moment when his actions begin to cause harm/concern/inconvenience to other people.

  3. yes only those who have a lot of money buy other freedom they buy ships planes real estate production and slaves for production only restrictions are in the capitalist if another capitalist did not buy real estate too that's why wars

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