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  1. If the salary of all citizens is raised mechanically, inflation will inevitably “eat up” this increase: there will be more money in circulation, and the number of goods in stores will not increase. The positive effect for the population will be very short-lived. Nevertheless, the state sometimes resorts to such measures in order to improve the image of the authorities (for example, before elections) or to solve acute social problems. Real and long-term improvements in living standards are achieved in very different ways.

  2. There are several possible options here.

    IF the growth of the PO will be due to a significant reduction in taxes (i.e., for example, if each employee receives a monthly tax deduction of 5k from income tax), then this will make sense for employees, because money in fact will not be “add money”, but “redistribute money”. Yes, prices will rise, but not so much, because there are still pensioners, unemployed people, children, etc. in society, and they also need something to eat, roughly speaking.
    Those. in the end, working people will be better, but not much.

    If you print 5k each, then prices will increase more. It is quite possible that prices will easily “eat” this increase and climb up further.
    Those who work will not get better, and the rest will get worse.

    If you do not print money , do not ease the tax burden, but simply order employees to raise wages, then prices will rise, and unemployment will increase, and the burden on workers will rise, and it will become worse for those who work, and it will become worse for those who do not work.

  3. Buried treasure rushes and rots, only in circulation gold grows.

    I'll start from afar. I find it superfluous to remind you that Russia is the richest country in the world. But here's the bad news : in the world's richest country, 20 million people (so that you can imagine the scale of the disaster – this is twice the population of the average European country) are climbing through garbage dumps at a time when palaces are literally growing across the road. Even without knowing the smart words, you can guess that something is wrong here. Although if these incomes were invested where they should be (as, for example, in the UAE – you can't work there at all), then everything would seem free to us.�

    It was written like this. It's all possible. Not in a second, not in a month, not in a year, but still possible. Moreover, the Gini index will change for the better. You don't need to read the” experts ” below – my mother's economists don't know how to optimize economic schemes, but only know how to print new pieces of paper. And optimizing the economy in our situation can be very simple: seize the loot from Putin's cronies and put it all into circulation. Do you remember who suggested it? Let me remind you. It is a pity that the current government is not interested in this.

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