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  1. Well how… as the textbooks say. First-diagnostics. We need to study and understand what kind of creature God is. It has a million vulnerabilities. Maybe even the easiest way is to let her drown herself, because this position is too painful.. But I have an additional card – it gets in touch. She may have seen you bring a young man (I used to come to the hotel with my girlfriend in Soviet times), but I don't know if this is allowed now. Generalizing – she sees that you are breaking something, and intends to profit by charging you a little for your silence. Now she sent the first signal. As for me, I would have agreed, because my whole life teaches that there are a legion of them all around , you can't break them, and they need very little.

  2. Cigarette butts and everything scattered? Obviously, she fucked in your room. Do otvetochku – after you leave in her room mountains of yuzanyh prezikov, scatter dildos (smeared with nutella). You can also make business cards with her name and phone number: “escort, erotic massage” and distribute them to minibus drivers, students, etc.

  3. You probably need to decide first whether you want to be a strong person or a weak one. You will meet many more people on the way who will cause a lot of harm, more serious than cigarette butts. You have two options.�

    The first option is to spend your nerves, time, energy, energy on them, cultivate anger, anger, irritation. If you go down this path, be prepared for the fact that most of your energy will be spent on servicing meaningless things, which in the end will be of no use to you or others. Such people behave this way out of stupidity. Well, you must agree that a smart person will not engage in such nonsense. And with stupid people, you need to behave like with the elements, like with rain, for example. When you go out in the rain, you need protection — an umbrella. That's why you need protection from the stupid ones. You need to be prepared for their chaotic behavior. Protect yourself from them in every possible way. Don't maintain conflicts with them. You won't take revenge on the rain for being wet, will you? If they're living their weird crazy bleak lives in the swamp, why would you want to get involved? You already have a lot to spend your energy on. Don't weaken yourself with pointless wars. Remember that if a stupid or angry person has harmed you for the first time, then it is their fault. And if the second time the same person did harm, then you are already to blame for not drawing conclusions.

    The second option is not to waste the time that can be spent on your happiness. If you did not succumb to other people's provocations, then you remained a free person. You don't waste your energy getting attached to any game like revenge. When you are free, when you see your goal in front of you — the discovery of your happiness-then you treat the actions of stupid, evil and greedy people as dust on your shoes. You come home and just clean your shoes. They can't touch you, pull you into their swamp, because you are free. This freedom is your strength. A strong person can do more useful things and find happiness faster.

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