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  1. of course. What is this stupid stereotype that a man should take the first step to create and build a relationship? People are different, some have the courage to do it, some don't.

    Do you want to be with this particular man and get him interested in you? Get interested in it and the result will not keep you waiting, I know by myself.

  2. I believe that this leads to the degradation of men and a decrease in women's self-esteem. And why would she need someone who didn't even have the courage to take the first step toward her? Which of them is then the “defender”, “breadwinner” and “conqueror of peaks”? Why should he bother at all if he knows that some woman will come and sit on his lap anyway? Then the women complain that the men have gone some all rags and underpants, which do not need anything and who can not do anything . So don't initially allow this behavior. Let him first have the courage to be at least resolute in a relationship, and then the whole world will submit to him. You men want to be like Tsar Leonid, Alexander the Great, or whatever…. I can't even give you an example, because insecure and indecisive men do not leave traces in history.

  3. Imagine yourself in the young man's shoes.

    You are in constant conflict. On one side, you and your desires for fulfillment in your personal life, and on the other side – potential partners, to whom you should and should approach with varying degrees of success. Take the initiative, always take the first step, and suffer rejection, and do not lose heart, and try again and then something happened, but did not work out in the future, you broke up, and you need to take the initiative again, again the first step, refusal, we try not to lose heart, try again, refusal again… we forget to search, we try to enjoy life, we need to gain strength to take the initiative again, to take the first steps again, despite the fact that we may be rejected….

    If you can take the first steps to it, then do it, moreover, breaking this chain of stress, you get an unshakable aura of comfort and kindness. Relatively speaking, sometimes for a girl, taking the first steps is already winning the heart of a loved one, he will feel comfortable from the fact that you do not need to jump through some hoop to get interested.

    However, be careful not to end up in our place and get rejected 🙂

    However, if this happens, then you will only be even more convinced that it is stressful, and if you want, if you like him, then it is worth it-to take the first steps yourself, and not wait for him to guess and have the courage to take them.

  4. No one owes anyone anything.

    The only thing that matters is what you want and what you choose – to take some actions, influence the situation, or, nevertheless, wait for everything to turn out the way you want. The second option is easier, but inaction will definitely not contribute to achieving the result. The probability of a favorable outcome in this case will be incomparably lower than with directed active actions.

    In general, this applies to any desires.

    And the first steps may not be”head-on”. You can interest and push a man to take the first steps 🙂

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