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  1. Here is a review of the literature on randomized placebo-controlled studies on the effects of nootropics on healthy adults.�

    Fond, G., et al. “Neuroenhancement in healthy adults, part I: pharmaceutical cognitive enhancement: a systematic review.” Journal of Clinical Research & Bioethics 6.2 (2015): 1.

    Neuroenhancing is a special term that means improving cognitive functions in a healthy person.

    It is clear that there is not a lot of data, and not all substances work, but to say that there is no effect, this is all a placebo-this is a lie. It is clear that nootropics are used for people with cognitive impairments, and their effect in a healthy person will be clearly less pronounced, if at all. However, do not forget that the concept of “healthy person” and “average patient” is a fiction, a medical assumption. You are sure that your body is completely healthy, that your brain is working like clockwork, or you are not eating properly, not getting enough sleep, you are often exposed to stress, etc. etc. Maybe, after all, you are not such a healthy person like the others? Maybe there is something to improve? Many nootropics, at least, prolong the period of wakefulness and drive away sleep, which increases performance.

    I would not recommend drinking directly classic nootropics for various reasons, including unpleasant side effects such as headaches or allergies. Nothing terrible, but it can clearly interfere with your thinking activity. In addition, it is a matter of money, efficiency, etc.�

    It is better to eat well, observe sleep hygiene, alternate mental loads with physical ones, etc. Many people underestimate the strength of the regime in vain. And from the pharmacy preparations, just drink some “light” vitamin and mineral complexes, like “Complivit”. Vitamins, in their essence, are also partly nootropics. Cheap and angry.

  2. Not worth. Drugs from the group of nootropics have no proven effectiveness. All those who say that they have experienced the positive effect of a nootropic on themselves – this effect does not exceed the placebo. �Google: Evidence-based medicine. + similar questions have already been asked.

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