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  1. It is quite possible that yes. The government can pass bills that will reduce corruption and bring the economy, and with it other areas, to a normal or at least tolerable and average level. There is the following scenario::
    1). A major rally(s) is taking place. As a result of the deterioration of the economy and, as a result, the living conditions of most of the population, even the most passive citizens organize mass pickets. Conflicts with the OMON and the police are quite possible.
    2). A sharp drop in the popularity of the current composition of the State Duma. This development, coupled with the rallies, may lead to some progress on the part of the authorities.
    3). Drastic local cleansing and implementation of reforms. If President Putin remains in office, the authorities may decide to implement anti-corruption and economic reforms. Most likely, most of the government will resign, and younger and more active people will take their place.
    In any case: hope for the best, prepare for the best.

  2. In Russia, they constantly hope for something or someone, but they don't want to work. Such is the Russian Emelya on the stove. And yet, foreigners do not allow our country to rise, this has always been the case. There's nothing wrong with that, just competition between countries. Therefore, we need a KING. Fuck democracy! Pseudo-democracy.

  3. You should not hope, because hope is a stupid feeling. It's worth doing the best.

    Instead of waiting for someone to do something somewhere, take it and do everything in your power, on some of your own, albeit seemingly insignificant in the scale of the country, fronts – family, work, environment. Do not cheat, do not lie, do not steal, take care of those who are in sight and need help. Don't trash, don't insult. And most importantly, grow, develop, master new skills, do not stagnate, read, study what you are interested in. If the soul lies-start a family, love your wife, and do not look at strangers, love children, raise them with good people, and most importantly, be such a person that they are not ashamed in front of them.

    Every country is made up of people, and each of us is what makes up Russia. It depends on each of us whether it will be better or worse. Everyone puts their grain on one or another side of the scale.

  4. If the question is about the country and the general population, then the answer is no. In the medium term, as long as the current regime remains in place (which is probably 10-20 years, and not necessarily just with Putin at the helm), there will be, at best, a gradual deterioration in everything. After the inevitable change of an economically inefficient regime/exchange rate, various options are possible, but in the first time there will be an additional and sharp drop in the standard of living, at least.

    If the question is solely about personal prospects, then nothing is impossible. Some achieve “better” even in North Korea or Zimbabwe.

  5. We will be able to find out in the near future. The future of the country depends on the degree of gradation of the opposition. In general, Russia is a country that is completely (politically, economically, socially, etc.) dependent on the ruling party or candidate. Russia has been an object of power since the republic, and now Russia adheres to this. In general, one should not hope for today's parties, at least because of the lack of competition. Now it is the power of the opposition that should incite the authorities; for Russia, a radical coup – revolution-will be an excellent panacea. The reality of the country can be imagined in 1917: the country is in poverty, economic failure in the world market, hyperinflation and corruption – this cannot be easily eliminated by evolution, so the people and the person who will raise it will be able to solve the problem of the future.

  6. In principle, you can hope for the best in any country. You can hope for the best in your life, in your family, in your work, for example, but that's all. People don't become happy, famous, or successful (please underline) by sitting on the couch dreaming and hoping that someone will come along and make everyone happy. Do you believe that you own your life and will arrange it the way you want? If so, who prevents you from changing something on a more global level? If not, then hope so…

  7. Personally, I am very pessimistic. The stagnant regime in modern Russia leads to trouble. It is better to be at least mentally prepared for this.

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