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  1. This is more of a plus than a minus. Tears help to remove substances released during stress from the body. If these substances are not removed, they will begin to accumulate and destroy the internal organs. Therefore, crying is useful. Those who have more tears are less ill.

    If you want to show that your tears are not a sign of weakness, but of strength, you can buy or make a handkerchief with some funny inscriptions or drawings. For example, write: I pay as much as I want. Or take it with the image of a crying clown. Or a movie character

    You should always try not to go to extremes. In order not to turn into a mess, it is important to try to think about the causes of stress. Most often, concerns arise due to threats to the safety of life, loss of comfort, and feelings of inconsistency between the desired and occupied place in society. If the reasons for these concerns are clearly understood, then the mind will be better prepared for different future scenarios. Most stress is caused by illusory ideas about your own or someone else's personality. Often people are sad about things that don't exist in reality. Therefore, you can reduce the amount of stress by trying to perceive reality as it is. For example, you can remember that all people get sick and die. That all things fall apart over time. No matter what we do, the result is the same for everyone. The only difference is how you can live in the present moment. You can be sad about the past or the future, which in reality does not exist. And you can enjoy what you have now. If you're going to cry, it's better for joy.

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