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  1. I don't remember your Joker at all, but I do remember Nicholson from the first two Batman movies.�

    A Clockwork Orange and McDowell, for sure. See also Weekend (2013, dir. St.Govorukhin) – I was impressed by the life image of Maxim (act. Viach. Chepurchenko), sowing tears, pain and death around him… Then there is the fiend of hell – the postal worker (act of Huppert) from the “Ceremony” (directed by Claude Chabrol) (“ceremony” in the French criminal world is called the chain of events leading the criminal to the guillotine). I also recall the tandem from “Waltzing”, with which it will be interesting to compare “Satyricon Fellini “(1976). A couple from The Incident (1967, directed by L. Pearce) stand out. (Forget about “Fun Games” (although who knows how my life and your death will turn out in the future?)) If you want to dive deeper than 1967, then watch the” Road ” of the same Fellini. A little closer to us – “Five Easy Pieces” (J. R. R. Tolkien).Nicholson (!) plays a man with a difficult and quarrelsome character; there is no crime there at all, this is the only exception on my list).

  2. Coordinates “Skyfall” (2011) – there, Javier Bardem very closely matches the type of the Joker Ledger. It is also worth saying that the late Ledger himself was partly inspired by the character of Malcolm McDowell in the movie “A Clockwork Orange”.

  3. Stringer (2014) – let the main character here is not a villain in the usual sense, but he is clearly out of the norm (psycho and sociopath). In some ways funny, in some ways frightening… although I personally would rather be alone with the Joker than with Louis (the former will at least banally kill you).

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