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  1. Read Bessel's The Body Remembers Everything. This will not cure you, at least you will understand how it is useless to treat it.

    It is better not to live with a bipolar person, but to contact experienced psychologists or psychotherapists. You can easily choose them through free consultations. Helps – work, stopped helping – look for someone else.

  2. Recently, TheQuestion actively developed a question with a request to describe their lives of bipolar people themselves. I think that's where we should start. And then-search for scientific articles in Google Scholar and regular Google, chat with psychiatrists you know, if there are any. The question of how to live with this on Question was also answered, by the way.

  3. There is a book by the American psychiatrist and simultaneously patient with this disorder Kay Redfield Jamieson “An unquiet mind”. While in Russian it is only available on the Internet and not all of it yet�http://bipolar.su/2016/02/unquiet_mind_kay_redfield_jamison/ I hope the print version will be released soon. In the West, this is a textbook publication.

    Well, in general, walk around the site, there is a lot on this topic.

  4. First of all, of course, be sure to read stories about Billy Milligan and his biography on the Internet. And, without fail, the book of the same name by Daniel Keyes, in which the story of Bill's life is considered not only from a scientific point of view, but also from the side of all his inner personalities.

  5. Watch the documentary Stephen Fry – The Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive (“Mad Depression with Stephen Fry”). He's sick himself, and he's done a whole study involving doctors and patients. Spoiler alert: I concluded that I was afraid to be treated.

    Pros: not so long ago, in terms of time, after the suicide of Robin Williams, who suffered from depression, Stephen Fry still began to take pills.

  6. My two good Internet friends have something like bipolar disorder. The first one is being treated, he seems to have a pension of 30k there, goes to doctors, takes pills. He feels bad without pills. The second person is quite positive in conversation, goes to a psychologist. I think bipolar disorder can't be cured – it can only be muted. Psychiatrists, psychologists, and pills that doctors will prescribe for you will help you do this.

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