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  1. I was 4 years old when my stepfather decided to teach me to swim. private beach, rocks, crystal clear sea. my stepfather throws me into the water and swims away for what I thought was a good distance. I'm floundering, trying to float, but I'm sinking. It was the first feeling of fear I remembered. the most powerful feeling from my childhood. It was also the first time I had beaten up a man (leaving a couple of bruises and scratches on my stepfather).

    I still remember this moment very vividly and clearly. but here's what happened after and how I did learn to swim-no.

  2. One of the most vivid impressions of my childhood, which raises a storm of emotions in me and makes me get goosebumps, is the full realization of boundless love for my parents. As a child, you don't really focus on such a concept as “love” – you live with likes and dislikes. It happened when I was 8 years old. There were no previous events, just some insight that I love them more than anyone else in the world. At that moment, they seemed to me even more beautiful, even kinder, even more wonderful in all aspects, although much more “still”:) It was as if time had stopped for a second, giving me a chance to look at them. Such strong and, as it seems to me, mature emotions I have not experienced until then. I was overwhelmed with infinite tenderness and gratitude. And I think that it was the first time I fully realized what kind of soft and warm feeling I had for my father and mother throughout my life 🙂
    When we sometimes quarrel (where without it – for a change), I scroll in my head this episode of childhood, and all the reasons for quarreling immediately become well, so stupid and insignificant that it becomes downright funny 🙂

  3. I spent much of my childhood in the United States, in the Mormon city of Salt Lake. Despite the fact that it was too peaceful, I really liked to go back there every summer. Pleasant memories very, very much! Salt Lake has the most beautiful nature, a huge number of lakes and mountains on all sides! My grandmother and I were often taken fishing trips by friends. I'd love to be at that lake in the mountains right now. I remember that sky full of stars. We were standing almost in the middle of this lake on a bridge, looking at constellations and trying to catch a glimpse of “shooting stars”. It was August, but it was getting very cold in the mountains at night and we were sitting with our grandmother under a blanket. We left for home when the clock was already past 12 in the morning. I feel sad when I think back to that day, because I know it's unlikely that it will ever happen again. My grandmother doesn't travel that far anymore, because she's old and her legs are very swollen, and even if I go back to the states one day, I won't look at the sky with the eyes of a child. It's not the most vivid memory, but it's a moment that I often replay in my mind.

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