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  1. It is precisely because every citizen has the right to life that the army goes to war. This is of course ideal, but the task of armed people (army and police) just the same to protect unarmed citizens. Of course, in reality there are wars of conquest and political intrigues, but still the main goal of the army is declared as the protection of the civilian population.

  2. The Constitution of the Russian Federation also has an article on military duty. Service in the army either by conscription or contract service falls directly under this article. if you refer to the text of the military oath, it says: “I swear to protect the constitutional order, the people and the Fatherland.” Participation in any military operations is in the interests of the state.

  3. But because cognitive dissonance (schizophrenia) rules the world. The vast majority of laws are contradictory, crafty, and deliberately written ambiguously so that they can be easily manipulated in the future.

    🙂 The right to life is not granted by the state. Not for him to dispose of it. In addition, the right to life has the highest priority over all laws, and therefore other laws must obey it. And this is not the case.

    In general, the answer is simple: the overwhelming majority of people, as well as all the rulers, are zombies (agents Smiths), who are guided in their actions not by laws (which they themselves write at their discretion), but by a program of zombifying their consciousness. As the matrix tells them , so they will do, and contradictions are swept under the carpet.

  4. Everyone has the right to life, work, and recreation…But whether or not to use these rights is up to everyone to decide for themselves.

    There is such a job-to protect the Motherland. They don't go to war to die. They go to war so that their children, wives, and parents can live peacefully at home.

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