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  1. And let's first define what is a civilization?

    The most frequent thing I've heard is a collection of people sharing the same technologies (broadly speaking, including art, ways of organizing work, government, and the marketplace) and ideas.�

    The more advanced civilization will be the one whose technologies and ideas will be most effective in their field. And since the task of most of all technologies will be to ensure a high standard of living (and what is included in this concept), then a developed civilization with a high one will have a higher standard of living.

  2. Not at all.

    In the most difficult conditions, with a low standard of living, people discovered new lands, conquered poles and peaks, flew into space, landed on the moon. With the achievement of a comfortable existence from achievements, we are just waiting for the next iPhone. Or a refrigerator that will also buy food itself.

    The greatest civilizations of antiquity were created by slave labor and in conditions of wars of all against all. In the fight. On a tear. Having defeated everyone in the area, Ancient Rome rested on its laurels, relaxed and decomposed.

  3. One of the criteria is yes. But not the main one at all. Most of the time in human history, the quality of life of the masses of people was extremely low, and civilizations appeared and existed somewhere from 4000-3500 BC. e. Rather, the quality of life is a reliable indicator of the decline of civilization – the closer to death,the worse it is.

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