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  1. There are 4 areas in each person's life: biological (physical), psychological, social and spiritual.

    Biological is human health and everything that includes this concept.

    Psychological – this is the emotional state of a person, his work on himself.

    Social – this is all kinds of communication (uncle, friends, work, etc.).

    Spiritual is an area that includes religion, selfless help to people, and so on. It is during the development of the spiritual sphere that the human soul “feeds”.

    A harmonious life involves maintaining a balance among all 4 spheres.

  2. Throughout his life, a person ensures his physical condition. Indeed, for this, the main element is food. In turn, the energy essence of a person – the Soul, also needs nutrition-energy. And so, that would have lived a physical life to remain a person in the direct-positive sense of this definition. And don't just stay – don't fall, don't betray, don't lose, don't lose. And to enrich your Soul with all its components: Self-Personality, subconscious mind, mind, etc. You need positive energy. Which is initially allocated by its energy essence to the surrounding world. Accordingly, It receives the same positive energy, but already transformed: it absorbs – it is enriched with positive experience. In turn, consciousness is a collection of knowledge, and knowledge itself is the necessary food for it. Which are transformed into the energy essence and will be its component-the subconscious.

    Everything depends on the person and his energy essence-the Soul. What they initially and later will “radiate” energy (positive or negative). Therefore, they will receive the same information, but already transformed-enriched with one or another energy source.

  3. Spiritual food is all that is interesting to a person, and is not related to biological needs. First of all, it is the need for creativity in any form. For some, this culinary masterpiece is also spiritual food.

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