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  1. Milk. No, I'm serious, just pure milk. Milk is primarily a child's food, but adults have a much worse milk absorption rate. There are some countries, primarily Scandinavia and the Russian north, where residents have an appropriate enzyme set and can easily tolerate a dairy diet, while residents of southern Europe practically cannot tolerate milk in its pure form.

  2. Chickenpox. It is good for a child to get over this disease. Adults, unlike children, this disease is dangerous.�

    Behave like a child. For children, this is good and natural. It is through the game that they learn the world. For an adult, this behavior is not so good. If in moderation, then it is normal and even good. But if you behave exactly like a child, then it will not lead to anything good.�

    Full care. The child needs it. It spoils an adult.�

    Often there is. The child grows up and plays, he needs to restore often restore energy, that is, eat. An adult from such a diet will calmly get fat, and from here a whole bunch of problems.

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