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  1. Something similar to the basic question of philosophy! But still, most people are materialists. Energy can't come out of nowhere. primary energy, such as from power plants, is either a process created by humans using natural phenomena, such as hydroelectric power plants, or a process that already exists, such as photons. And this primary energy is converted into electrical energy. And of course, it does not disappear anywhere and is very well used for all the benefits of civilization. And in order not to suspect higher forces in these processes, there is physics that can explain any phenomena. Physics shapes a person's way of thinking.

  2. Or that the energy was always there and no one put it anywhere. You may not believe it, this is your right, but it is obvious that my version is simpler than yours and involves fewer unobservable entities, the existence of which must be separately proved.

  3. if you have found a “lower being”, then you can also find a “higher being”… In the meantime, we have neither of these things from you …

    then why knead the air with useless maxims and fictions? …

    the same thing happens with the concept of “energy”..

    hence: please do not use these concepts in our (scientific) home! …

    1. Matter exists forever, only its forms change

    2. Energy is an inherent property of matter, and can even be considered its form, matter and energy pass into each other.

    3. In our reality, Space and Time are also inherent properties of matter, but there is a mathematically justified version that these properties did not exist before the Big Bang.

    4. However, there was always energy, as well as matter in some form.

    5. Therefore, the addition about the “higher being” is completely superfluous. Moreover, immediately there are questions about the fact that “energy can be laid” (where do higher beings get it from?) and about the fact that they put energy in OUR world (apparently there is NOT our world? where do they get their energy?) and other completely unnecessary extra absurdities that do not explain ANYTHING but only add entities for the sake of evading the obligation to prove their statements.

    6. And the funny thing is always in such ideas, this is the lack of even a basic definition of what the Supreme Being is. How tall is this entity, and is it exactly taller? )) And what kind of magical properties arise if she is taller?))

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