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  1. To play this game well, like everything else, you need special training. Some experts also play sports ChGK, and very well, of course, erudition helps well. In sports ChGK, answers often need to be found through several logical moves, but this is usually more difficult. If you invite champions in ChGC, then you can slightly increase the average level of teams, I think, but not everyone wants, as I know, Ilya Novikov does not want to go to channel one, his team at the 2013 Znotokiad was one of the best.

  2. And fuck knows.�

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  3. I think the questions are more about erudition and logic. Experts have an extensive knowledge base and use it to make suggestions about off-the-shelf questions that viewers send them. A couple of times I saw questions on mindfulness, where in principle there was nothing complicated, but the experts lost because they began to look for the answer deeper than it is.

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