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  1. There is such a pattern, but it is important that it is not absolute illegibility. It happens that readability is reduced due to optimization of movement – a person seems to invent a way to write a letter with less effort. But it happens that the handwriting is illegible due to psychological reasons.

  2. I can't say what is smarter-but I know one thing-the handwriting of a person is connected with the human nervous system-does not worry writes normally-worries writes scribbles-and even the school handwriting of almost 90 percent of everyone is beautiful or normal-read without difficulty what doctors write to you about your diagnosis-people are literate-it is not possible to read.They will recognize your character by handwriting -write the text on a notebook sheet and look at your handwriting at the beginning of the letter and at the end.And find out your character.

  3. I'll answer like a schoolboy.

    I consider myself much more intelligent and well-informed than my classmates.

    But at the same time, I believe that a person's font is like something that belongs to an individual, like an original style of clothing, like their own views on life, etc.

    I started working on the beauty of my font about a year ago when I realized that it was not just ugly, but also disgusted me. It was like striving for perfectionism and perfection.

    So, judge for yourself whether this statement is true.

  4. You can go from the opposite, “the more stupid a person is, the more legible his handwriting is.” Inconsistency. Moreover, handwriting is influenced by the following factors:: speed of writing, experience of writing, development of fine motor skills of hands and in general the desire to display letters

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