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  1. Long before the Sun turns into a white dwarf, an increase in its luminosity will make life on the Earth's surface impossible. To be more precise, this will happen in about one billion years.

    But here's the thing: this time is more than enough for humanity to evolve to some new civilization.

    A billion years! For example, the time interval from Pithecanthropus to modern us was 500 times shorter.

    Therefore, even with the most favorable development of events, human civilization is doomed to disappear in the next billion years-but not because of extinction, but because of transformation into a new civilization that differs from us 500 times more than we differ from pithecanthropes. What it will be, we can never even guess. Well, as a pithecanthropic brain would never be enough to imagine our civilization.

    If you are concerned about whether this new posthuman civilization will survive, I think there is no reason to worry about it. Probably, its technical development will be as many times more perfect than ours, as many times the Large Hadron Collider is more complex than a stone axe (or whatever was the crowning achievement of technological progress among pithecanthropes?) They'll be able to get away from the dangerous white dwarf somehow. And most likely, they will undertake something fundamentally different, which our mind (alas, only human) will never be enough to suggest.

  2. Before turning into a white dwarf, the Sun will first become a red giant, which will overheat the entire planet and evaporate the oceans, and in the end it will simply absorb it, including the Earth in the outer layers of its atmosphere. This event is approximately 1.5-2 billion years away. For comparison, the Cambrian period, from which we can start counting the “big” evolution of life on our planet, began only 570 million years ago — before the stellar catastrophe, we have twice as much time as it took for life to conquer the land and give birth to the human race. We face many dangers as a species, but the flash and subsequent cooling of the Sun is probably the farthest of them. In that time, we will have colonized thousands of worlds and changed our own nature thousands of times… unless we die from another cause or allow ourselves to be killed.

  3. There is more than enough time until this point for humanity to reach other stars even “crawling” – even if current technologies in the field of space flight remain “ceiling” forever, which is definitely not the case.

  4. No one lives for billions of years – that's why there are also scientific fairy tales. The most humane variant – even if scientists suddenly guessed this number-a Black Hole appears out of nowhere near our Sun (why not). Time flows are rapidly absorbed and the process inside the Sun accelerates millions of times per second. This is a CS cooking game without human intervention in the ecosystem of the universe)

    But how to protect your native luminary and stir up the destructive process – we do not know. And we don't even think about it. It is much more profitable to make money on human misfortunes and mistakes of the Markov system)

  5. Everything that has a beginning has a conclusion. If a person does not have anything of the constant in himself, he remains to share the fate of everything that begins. Civilization will disappear much sooner than humanity. People are too destructive.

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