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  1. A) Just stand in front of the bridge and let the wheels cool down. The pressure drop from cooling by two centimeters should be enough.
    B) Speed up, then brake sharply in front of the bridge and start the truck swerving. The shock absorbers will sink about ten centimeters.

  2. There are three ways:

    1. Disassemble the roof of the truck.

    1. Raise the bridge.

    2. If these two methods are not suitable, you can reduce the tire pressure by making sure to pump them up after driving.

    To make sure that you get through, you can use 3 different methods at once.

  3. In addition to the above, if the truck was empty, then it can be loaded with something heavy, and under the weight of the weight, pressure is formed on the shock absorbers, which in turn understates the car.

  4. To pass under the bridge, the truck driver needs to lower the pressure in the wheels,thereby lowering the truck to the desired height and pass .

  5. The riddle is as old as mammoth shit. They couldn't even copy-paste it properly. In the original, a little girl suggested lowering the wheels. Now I can imagine how Wikium can “pump the brain”.

    Lina Aleksyunaite you can keep my notebook.

    P.S. thequestion, aren't you ashamed? Although, yes-money does not smell.

  6. Lower the tire pressure on each wheel until the vehicle's height drops by at least two and a half centimeters from ground level

  7. I saw a video of a tall gazelle driving where it shouldn't have been due to a snow drift. The cargo turned and skipped under the bridge, but such a trick is dangerous for the safety of the cargo and the safety of drivers. So it is better not to do it

  8. Load the car and drive without fear of damaging anything If it already doesn't fit with the load, then lower the wheels, drive through and pump up to normal again

  9. I expected to see this answer one of the first, but no.�

    Perhaps the meaning of the task is not in the answer, but in the course of thinking. The task specifies that the truck must pass under the bridge without hitting the roof. However, it is not specified that it SHOULD pass under the bridge. The task put an emphasis on it, forcing us to look for a solution related to it.�

    The answer may be: the driver took a different road. This is easier and does not contradict the task.

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