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  1. This is deceit. Each hospital and department has monthly plans for the number of treated patients. If suddenly all patients recover and no longer get sick, then these plans will not be implemented. This will lead to a cut in the hospital's funding in a month. The ministry will punish the chief physician both morally and financially. He will punish all doctors for this both morally (by shouting at meetings) and financially – non-payment of bonuses. It will be hysterical to demand that your subordinates carry out the plan in any way (“At least go home and look for these patients!!! At least print flyers and invite people to our hospital – I don't care! You've screwed up my whole plan!!!”). By the way, such words can still be periodically heard from some hospital managers when there are periods of low morbidity.�

    Further absence of patients will lead to a reduction in the bed capacity, reduction of staff (nurses, nurses, accountants, locksmiths, janitors, etc.), and the closure of entire hospitals. There will be a whole army of unemployed doctors. Everyone will remember with delight the times when people were constantly ill and provided them with work. So no doctor is interested in a complete cure of patients.

  2. Ha-ha! For worldwide health, including your own, you can also pay for retraining!))

    Do you think that the work of a doctor is such a golden bottom that it is not out of self – interest?)

  3. And why not? After all, injuries and aesthetic medicine will remain.

    Well, it will be possible to put maximum effort into solving the problem of aging and death.

  4. Modern medicine rarely seeks to radically cure the disease, rather to transfer it from an acute stage to a chronic one :-))))

    Using more expensive equipment and medicines (not the fact that it is more effective).

    In the same Germany, it is often treated not depending on what kind of sore, but depending on what kind of wallet the patient has… or insurance : -)))))

    Happy people usually don't get sick… but they will never stop getting sick.

  5. I may be a utopian, but I would like to believe that this is being said sincerely.

    I can say with confidence that in hospitals abroad, if they say this, it is sincere. There are more than enough patients, but there are not enough doctors (in Canada, in Germany this is easier) – sometimes you need to make an appointment several weeks in advance.

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