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  1. for a person, it exists. here he was crawling. Then I learned to walk, then I learned to run. then run very fast. at birth, he would not have run away from danger, and he would have run away afterwards

  2. Progress is the desire to live in harmony with yourself and the people who live nearby. Harmony makes us human and happy. After all, a happy person is the one who lives in joy. You just need to understand it.

  3. What are you doing? Of course there is , it is very easy to prove it

    Previously, we did not know that there is a Mainland Australia-we learned this and there is progress

    If in the first person

    Previously, a person who didn't know how to solve problems in physics understood

    For him, this is progress

    The progress of mankind is a flight into space, the invention of something that did not exist before !!!

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