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  1. Things happen. It is simply not necessary to look for absolute ideal definitions that will give nothing but the beauty of verbal constructions. Look around you: people enjoy their freedom in one way or another, feel more or less free, and so on. In some form, there is freedom, so it makes sense to talk about it.

  2. If you keep in mind that freedom is a gray-bromine unicorn, then there is no such thing as freedom. But why keep in mind obviously empty judgments?

    However, yours is not obviously empty, as long as everything indicates that quantum events, for example, the decay of an atom, may well “depend on nothing”.

    And in relation to people, we have a lot of all sorts of things that need to be called something and “freedom” is a good familiar term for them, there is no need to abandon it for the sake of some strange maximalism and look for new ones. It is necessary, after all, to call the absence of your compulsion towards me in one short word?

  3. Freedom as “absolute independence from anything” is the nonsense of impotents. The need for some empty ideal space, where there is no pressure, no connections, and no determination at all. But the causal mechanism has two sides. Not only can conditions influence you because of him, but you can only influence conditions because of him.

    And the independence itself, the lack of connections, pressure, etc. – why? If there is no need, you do not need to do something, but just to be absent and not be able to do anything over you, then the simplest option is simply not to be, and no one will be able to put pressure on you.

  4. Depends on where. In the material world, freedom is very limited. However, each person has some inner desire for the absolute, for the limitless. Otherwise, why would you, for example, ask such a question? This aspiration or search indicates a loss, but we do not look for something in ordinary life that we did not lose. Another example: if there is no water in the desert, why is a person thirsty there? Because there is water somewhere else, where a person was before, before the desert. Thus, the lack of water in the desert is not an argument for the lack of water at all. So is freedom: the fact that it is very limited in the material world does not mean that unlimited freedom does not exist in principle. And that's where she is, and that's what we need to find out. For this purpose, a person is given a deep mind – the ability to ask fundamental questions and find answers to them. This is how a person differs from an animal, so use it.

  5. What matters is not freedom, but will.
    Will is the ability to defend your own freedom and independence from others or to act at your own discretion, regardless of the laws and “generally accepted” norms.
    There is no true freedom without will.
    With respect.

  6. Freedom does not just happen, it is the only thing worth having in life, in ordinary everyday life with all its gains and losses, victories and defeats, suffering and pleasure, knowledge and ignorance, insights and delusions. Freedom is the only goal worth achieving. Further freedom

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