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  1. Psychopathy is� clearly� expressed �accentuation �hell �character caused by �type �higher �nervous �activities �person,� face� health� and� disorders� personality. They �are �different �types �in �based on �from �type �GNI �person. For example, for �weak �unbalanced �inert �type �GNI (melancholy) is characterized �view �psychopathy �is �disturbing �psychasthenia, characterized by �shyness, uncertainty �in �yourself with indecision, a tendency �to �permanent �doubt, shyness, vulnerability, obsessive �fears, fear �change �in �life; at the same time �characteristic �painful �pride, pedantry, discipline, diligence, tendency �to �abstract �logical �to build self-control.

    For “strong” balanced “inert” type ” GNI (phlegmatic) �characteristic �view �psychopathy �is �schizoid, which �is characterized by �isolation, secrecy, isolation �from �reality, the inner �processing �their �experiences, dryness �and �coldness �in �relations �with �loved ones, the combination of �high �vulnerability �and �sensibility, if �problem �for �such �person �person – �emotional �coldness �and �the containment �in �case �foreign �problems. In �home �such �people �passive �and �inactive, when �achieving �same �important �for �them �goals – resistant �and �enterprising.

    For �strong �balanced �rolling �type �GNI (sanguine) �characteristic �view �psychopathy �is �cycloid �hyperthymia, which �is characterized by �constantly �high �mood, optimism, excitement, superability, govorovskiy, hyperactivity, initiative, tendency �to �adventure to �revaluation �own �opportunities to �optionally, often �also �tendency �to �lies, �promiscuity �in �intimate �relationships.

    For �strong �unbalanced �rolling �type �GNI (choleric) �characteristic �view �psychopathy �is �epileptic, for �which �characteristic �extreme �irritability �and �irritability, explosiveness, seizures �anger �and �rage (when �this �reaction �often �not �meets �force �stimulus), the belief �in �own �right, toughness, stubbornness, resentment, intolerance, increased �conflict, arrogance, intransigence, selfishness, revenge, inability �control �your �reaction.

    But �clean �types �GNI �in �real �life �almost �no, they �meet �have �different �people �in �fancy �combinations, so �and �types �mental �accentuations �much �more than �above, except �which �still �are �psychopathy: asthenic, paranoid, hysterical, cycloid �gipotimiey, cycloid �cyclothymia, cycloid �reactive labile �psychopathy, unstable �psychopathy, emotional �stupidity, mosaic �psychopathy.

  2. If you are really interested in this topic, read the book “Devoid of conscience. The frightening world of psychopaths.” I used to think that these are either acquired qualities due to, for example, a difficult childhood, or a disease, but the author believes otherwise. He spent years studying such people, and I haven't finished reading the book myself yet, but overall it's a phenomenon that's still worth studying. It is difficult to call a disease a lack of compassion and empathy, despite the fact that the disease is treated, but psychopathy is not.

    Psychopaths are not disoriented, do not lack a sense of reality, and do not suffer from the delusions, hallucinations, and severe distress that characterize most other mental disorders. Unlike psychotic individuals, psychopaths think rationally and are aware of what they are doing and why. Their actions are the result of meaningful choices.

  3. Psychopathy is a whole spectrum of diseases. Currently, the term “personality disorder”is used. In short, this is a disorder that interferes with adaptation in society.

    The causes can be both genetic factors and brain damage.

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