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  1. Instagram is a very aggressive and closed platform. You may not get a response from the administration. The main thing now is to accept the loss and start developing a new account, and not wait for a response from the old one. Instagram also records the devices that you registered and published from, which speeds up the process of blocking newly created pages for sending spam.

  2. My commercial page was also blocked once. When I went to it, I was given a window about the block and there was a button “report an error”, I clicked on it, after which an instruction came to the soap with instructions on how to appeal the block. It was necessary to take a selfie with an A4 sheet, which shows my first and last name and a special code that was in the mail in the letter, I sobsna did so and two days later the block was removed. The first and last name was indicated, by the way, a different one, it doesn't matter. But here you should also take into account the reason for the block, in my case-using the automation service to work with insta (I just forgot to extend the proxy and because of this, the service blocked me)

  3. First of all, find out the reason for blocking, if you may have violated one of the service's rules(please contact technical support). In case of violation of the rules, just correct the errors and continue working.

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