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  1. When we talk about breast diseases, in the vast majority of cases we mean women. However, breast formations can also occur in men, so if seals are felt, you should definitely consult a doctor. And the visit should not be postponed, since neoplasms in the breast in men can also be malignant.

  2. If you find any formations that cause questions, you should immediately contact specialists – this applies to both women and men.

    The doctor will prescribe the necessary tests, based on which the diagnosis will be established. Even if you suspect that nothing terrible is happening to you, consider a visit to the doctor as prevention of serious diseases.

    In addition, if pathological processes in the breast are still detected, it is early diagnosis that will allow you to start treatment faster. This will be much more effective than if you postpone the question of these seals “for later” and the therapy will be selected in the later stages of the disease.

    You may need to consult several doctors for more accurate diagnosis of the problem. A second opinion in medicine is never superfluous and can seriously help in deciding on the most appropriate treatment program.

    Therefore, the answer to the question “what are the causes of breast seals” can only be obtained from a professional doctor after evaluating the results of a complex of studies.

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