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  1. This is called xenoglossia (or, sometimes, xenololia). Science explains this simply: the phenomenon has never been reliably recorded. In other words, it is nothing more than a legend.

    All “testimonies” are usually based on the stories of eyewitnesses with a low level of education, who also do not speak the languages that the demoniacs supposedly “speak”.

    Simply put, it's just a figment of fantasy made up of false memories and mass psychoses. But these phenomena are perfectly explained by science.

  2. In the children's book ” When Ghosts Appear “(V. Mezentsev, 1971), the following case is described: a woman after an electric shock and a prolonged coma that followed woke up and spoke in a different language. Later it turned out that she learned this language as a child. Over time, the amnesia passed and she began to speak her native language again. Perhaps the legends come from similar cases. Although, most likely, for the” language of demons ” devout people took the mumbling and screams of people suffering from seizures or seizures.

  3. Science explains this in a science-like way. Since modern science cannot experimentally establish the presence or absence of the immaterial, the demon will not appear in the explanation.

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