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  1. History constantly teaches:

    1) doubt;

    2) search;

    3) analyze;

    4) don't give up and keep searching;

    5) check and clarify any information;

    6) don't believe textbooks, vk posts, and TV;

    7) accept things as they are;

    8) invent ways to get information in difficult cases;

    9) develop multiple versions of the event (for further search);

    10) keep your mind sober;

    11) think.

  2. The main thing that history has taught me is that there is no absolute black and white, there is context. And it was history that showed me that there are situations when you can't stay “clean”, when there are no solutions that suit everyone, when a good choice is a bad choice, when mercy kills. And so on.

  3. Personally, 14 years of student and then professional study of history have taught me a better understanding of the logic of events, the search for the most stale and ancient sources of many conflicts. Oddly enough, but the values of individual human life, because you “watch” how certain cataclysms wiped out entire civilizations from the face of the earth.
    Further, history teaches us not to be” led “by many myths that are conventionally full of mass culture (this is not about the A 1 channel or Cosmopolitan magazine, but about such mass beliefs as the” Special Way “of a particular country or” Isolation of pre-Petrine Russia from Europe “or”800 years are necessary to build a free society”).
    And, of course, history provides a modern scientific method of verifying information. Exactly the information that texts, books, magazines, speeches and speeches give us. Something for which the method of natural scientists is not very suitable.
    Well, in conclusion, we can give the answer of the famous Collingwood historian to the question of why you need to study history at all:
    “The value of history lies in the fact that it helps us learn what a person has done, and thus what they are.

    Something like that, I hope I answered the question… although perhaps the author was waiting for some more specific examples and answers…

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