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  1. Like a habit. The Greeks did not have any integrity of the psyche-let's recall the “demon of Socrates” or their general idea that the soul stands before the gods and listens to their commands, deciding only which one to follow. The idea of a “bicameral mind”, no matter how true, was derived from these ideas, the Greeks and before them clearly had problems with subjectivity.

    I have once seen the claim that the formation of ideas about subjectivity was influenced by inquisitorial interrogation practices, in which answers in the spirit of “this is what the demons suggested me to do” led straight to the stake, but I have not been able to find the source of this statement for many years.

    All people constantly conduct a dialogue within themselves, is this not a sign of a lack of integrity? We just, like those robots from Westworld, learned to consider the interlocutor as ourselves.

    I am the Horde, we are the army, my name is legion.

    By the way, I heard the other day that in order for the voice neural network assistant of Tinkoff Bank “Oleg” to be less rude, another neural network was assigned to him, trained to moderate his rudeness. Isn't that the same for each of us?

  2. What is the integrity of the psyche for you? Philosophy (and more!) it starts with the fact that we agree on terms. These are alpha and omega.

    For me, the integrity of the psyche is simply the ability not to regret the decisions made. This is a kind of wisdom that I have not fully grown to this day, although I have long come to the conclusion that this is necessary… this approach, this practice. Because these regrets are meaningless, counterproductive, and harmful to health.

    This is a weak definition. Stronger – do not hesitate before making a decision. But this is just in my opinion-a sign of a small mind and outlook. He does not hesitate, who either does not see any alternatives at all, or is “always right” (infallibility is an attribute of the one God, and the other… at least-for others – the surest sign of complete insanity).

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