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    1. Proceed from what is interesting to you personally and at the same time turns out well. The bottom line is that the Telegram audience is like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it is very loyal and “high-quality”, and on the other hand, it is intolerant of outright plagiarism. Accordingly, without a sincere love for the topic, it is extremely difficult to prepare content for such an audience;
    2. You can say with almost 100% confidence that you should not create a channel about travel, tourism, books, programming, politics, drugs, darknet, eroticism and sex, a banal channel-diary, etc. I don't say anything about cryptocurrency at all – there are a dime a dozen such channels, it's almost impossible to develop some kind of USP here;
    3. If you still give some recommendations, then I myself am considering the possibility of creating a channel on the game theme.

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