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  1. From 2 bottles ,not even every German will die, and the Russian is only in full swing .A friend of mine takes 6 bottles of vodka for the evening and comes to work in the morning like a cucumber. I have seen this more than once on a business trip.

  2. The more a person has eaten, the higher the concentration of alcohol in the blood (also depends on the strength of the drink). The higher the degree of poisoning (intoxication) of the body: from mild to alcoholic coma, when the drunk simply passes out.�

    In 100 ml of vodka, the ethyl alcohol content is 40 ml, which will be about 0.55 ppm. In one bottle of vodka (500 ml) – 200 ml of pure alcohol. A bottle drunk by a man weighing 70-75 kg is converted to about 2.5 ppm. This condition will be classified as serious intoxication. If you manage to drink 2 bottles, then, at best, it is an alcoholic coma and very serious poisoning that requires medical intervention, at worst-death. The content of 5 units or more is usually lethal per mille.

    The strength of alcohol exposure, the degree of intoxication and the time of its exit from the body depends on the person's weight, the strength of the drink, the amount of alcohol consumed, the health of internal organs, the quality and quantity of snacks, genetic predisposition, general condition – drinking on an empty stomach intoxicates faster and is not excreted from the blood for longer.

  3. It all depends on the amount of alcohol consumed. You can even get drunk on 4% beer up to the very…, so there will be a hangover for another two days. Although, personally, I don't understand where so much liquid can go.

  4. Intoxication does not occur when adding or increasing the degrees of alcohol consumed. When it enters the stomach,alcohol is absorbed through the walls, enters the blood, and the liver enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase breaks it down. Accordingly, with an increase in the volume of alcohol consumed, the enzyme is not able to work immediately,and the person becomes “warmer and kinder”)))

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