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  1. Sergey Mavrodi was a talented con artist. Another thing is that it was repeated by millions of naive citizens of Russia. This was due to the illiteracy of the population of the Russian Federation, who wanted to take money out of the “air”. Mavrodi's company ” MMM “did not produce any goods, but only received money from gullible “vlkadchikov”. None of them had a legitimate question: where does the profit come from? On the other hand, the state has not explained to citizens what they are risking. On the contrary, Mavrodi had a “roof” among the highest Russian officials at the level of the Russian government, Without their support, he would not have been able to pull off his multimillion-dollar scams. When the company ” MMM ” collapsed, the state did not help citizens to return their money and pretended that it was here in general – “not in business”.

  2. Mavrodi the first, and after him and others – “Vlastelina”, “Khoper-Invest”, etc. implemented the principle described by Yakov Perelman in the book “Living Mathematics” – these systems worked in the USSR in 1925-1927 “on trifles”.

    At that time, in 1994 was not �prohibited the company set �the prices of their shares – wide �advertising on television “in early may to buy shares at 10 thousand in �late may sell for 40 thousand” – “we are sitting, and the money goes” – made obvious the idea to sell the apartment to invest in stocks in a month �to sell the stock and buy four apartments that happened.�

    Until MMM went bust in mid-August after a newspaper ad.

    40% of the money went to pay for advertising on television, 40% – to pay taxes, the remaining 20% in the MMM itself went to print shares and pay salesmen, so there was nothing to return to the population – it was necessary to read Perelman.

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