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  1. Death is the continuation of life in another reality . Man is a symbiosis of a particle of reason and an animal . We are born, again and again ,
    so that as our part of the mind improves , it will be reunited with its one wholeness.

  2. Death makes everything meaningless. Therefore, it will not be possible to find any reliable purpose, reliable meaning, if we assume that everything ends with death. The only option is to believe that man is eternal. That death is only a transition to another state, to eternity.

    Then your life and everyone's life has infinite meaning, because it determines the future infinite destiny.

    And suicide is not an option, because it will not help to cease to exist. You will simply rush into eternity, where you are not yet ready to go. And then continue the painful existence only without the opportunity to change anything. As long as you are alive, you can make your life joyful and meaningful.

  3. I would say that your formulation of the question is not very good. Why do you think that “only death” awaits a person?

    What I can tell you for sure is that something very bad is waiting for the suicide, most likely, his soul will not be able to find peace and will continue to suffer after death.

    But a person who lived in this life – in different ways, sometimes hard, painful, but he did not give up, he was looking for a way out, he was looking for answers to his questions, he can wait for not “only death”, but departure, transition into something that is still incomprehensible and incomprehensible to you.

    But how can I explain it to you, or show it to you, or tell you about it, if you're not ready to hear it, because you've already decided everything for yourself?

    And if I tell you that many problems and dissatisfactions of a person are one side of the coin? And the point is to find the other side, the one that is hidden for the person at the moment.

    The meaning of life appears when, after years of painful search, you still understand that there is some meaning in this life, and that there are such beautiful moments in it that are worth all the troubles and problems you have experienced.

    In general, I don't know how much this can support you, but I can assure you that many people face similar things, and you are not alone in this.

  4. In short, the meaning of our life is to die and never be born again.

    BUT !!! It doesn't mean anything.. destroy, destroy your body, and it's quite the opposite… for we will return to earth again to learn kindness, love, etc.

    The earth is a school, if we studied very poorly, we will stay in this class again, but in the end, we will move to another class, finish school.

    Only in the body can we gain experience… learn to love, to suffer… in a good way.

    By killing yourself (body) we will return to earth again.

    My body is not me. I am a Spirit, I was born many times on this earth, I had a lot of different experiences… I was rich… and was poor, etc. At the moment, I'm like this… I chose it myself… And I wanted to go through this experience and I don't want to kill myself…, I want to go through this experience to the end.. for I will have to go back again and go through this school, this class again. I don't want to work it out again .. live there.. not finished in its stupidity. For this reason, I must live and persevere with the hardships of life, not justice and many other difficulties of this life, so that my(Self, Soul, consciousness, etc. you can call them other names…)

    All this experience that I am living now – I chose myself and I knew that I could go one step higher. In the next life… It's quite possible I should get a different experience… but I really hope this is my last incarnation.

  5. Vladimir, what's the point of watching a movie, reading a book, eating lunch?.. if they end anyway, and we soon see a blank screen, the last page, an empty plate?)

    Life is not an eternity, but the same movie, the same book, the same lunch… just longer and wider.

    By the way, eternity is dead. Only the eternal is not alive.

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