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  1. For me personally, the time after the routine is the best time, I try to spend it with close people, more often it's friends, �we can drink beer or pasha, think about something, freestyle, walk around the city, go to a concert, etc.�

    And work is a part of life, even if in the scenario of life it goes between the lines.

  2. Meaning is everywhere and in everything, the only important thing is what it means for you. If you are so bored with work (I understand that many people are doing something they don't like), then maybe you should find an alternative? It seems like they say that the world is full of interesting things and events, so maybe you should take a closer look at them? Take part in something? Melancholy and spleen are great, but don't delay it.
    You decide for yourself what to do. Because if you look at others and focus on other people's opinions, you can be left with nothing. As they say, how many people, pages and opinions.

  3. Nothing.

    Life has no meaning at all. You live because your parents gave birth to you. You don't die because you've learned to support yourself, and it's scary and unpleasant to die. Your life is short on the scale of history and has little impact on the scale of the planet. In principle, you can do nothing for days, lie on the couch… until you feel hungry… No one has any Great Earthly Mission, a Holy Purpose (although no one bothers to believe in it).

    Welcome to the real world without illusions.

    And yes, I was surprised that you exclude not only sleep, but also work from the time of your life. Are you in a coma while working? Why doesn't this watch exist for you? Maybe it's time to change this job?

  4. A very good and correct question in the midst of this chaos of meaningless questions.�

    Nietzsche once said that ” Man is a rope stretched between the animal and the superman-a rope over the abyss. What is valuable about a person is that they are a bridge, not a goal.” In other words, the meaning you're looking for isn't in burning through those 8 hours..It's about using this free time to advance towards excellence. Only in this case, life has meaning and purpose..

    I'm not a fan of Nietzsche's talent – I quoted him because you have philosophy in the question tags. In general, I believe that Nietzsche plagiarized this idea from Christ ( as you know, he respected Christ and revered His instructions). Especially since he was born into the family of a church minister and all that..Most likely, Nietzsche transformed all Christian ideas into his own godless philosophy. So, Christ taught that a person's life is nothing in itself, but is valuable only as a path to salvation, sanctification, perfection – this is what gives it a deep meaning in contrast to the mundane to spend time with family, close friends, plant a tree or walk around the city..Although these are not bad things in themselves, they are absurd as the meaning of life.

    And by the way, the second thing is that you can walk this tightrope in the opposite direction, that is, not to perfection, but to degradation, to an animal state, so everything should encourage a person to look for a way up. A person is focused on the future.

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