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  1. Most likely, this is the question: what is the meaning of life? In my opinion, Carl Gustav Jung answered this question well: “If there is no love,faith ,or hope left in a person, then the only meaning of life is knowledge.”

  2. Development is a natural property of a person, and indeed of the whole world, too: everything is changeable. Changes can't be avoided anyway.

    But the quality of life up to the moment of death depends on how conscious and controlled the process of change will be. This quality can be understood from different points of view (it is important for someone to have a lot of opportunities, for someone to have peace, for someone to be bored without a storm, for someone to have enthusiastic looks, for someone to have only one look, and so on) – but being left to its own devices, the process will always lead to the result exactly the opposite

    In short: you can certainly not engage in self-development, bearing in mind that you will die anyway. But in this case, waiting for death will be much more unpleasant.

  3. Imagine, some cosmic accident allowed your body, your brain, to be formed from billions of dust motes of burnt-out stars. Absolutely pointless, pointless, and short-lived. But this cosmic accident allowed you to live, feel, and be who you are. Human life is fleeting, and when you die, you will cease to exist forever. But, due to a combination of circumstances, you have ~40-80 years that it would be just sad to waste, like throwing a freshly baked fragrant bun in the mud. Because it's a pity.

  4. Often the meaning is the most direct: to live longer and better.A developed person does not need to work hard, he lives better, his life is in less danger.He likes the opposite sex more, so he will continue his family, which will also live well…

  5. In an interview with someone to someone, I read the following: “Playing sports doesn't necessarily make you a long-lived person, but it will definitely improve the quality of your current life.” It's the same with self-development.

  6. It depends on the meaning of investing in self-development. If we understand self-development as the accumulation of experience , then there is no point. If you go deeper, then the meaning will open up!

  7. Only the body dies. And the soul continues to exist even after physical death.

    Based on this concept, the answer is obvious. The only meaning of life is the development of the soul)

  8. You must remember death, but never let it overcome you in life. Ideas about death, the meaninglessness of our actions today-they already begin to kill us while we are alive. When the time comes to say goodbye to the world, then you need to give such thoughts free rein, think about and evaluate your life, and if you give in to them too early, you can poison not only your being, but through actions and words hurt others, including people close to us.

    A person needs self-development, just as society needs development. Social evolution proceeds only from the evolution of each individual mind, each individual idea: the combined actions and thoughts of people make up society, and the vector of development of many includes its evolution. Many things are prompted by our instincts (often these tips are no longer suitable for a non-progressive lifestyle), but more often we listen to the voice of reason, that is, we try to become better, correct mistakes, and improve ourselves. This constant movement forward is the point.

  9. Really! But you have to do something before you die. Self-development is not the worst option for such a pastime. No, of course, many people find other fun, why not?

  10. Obviously, if we die forever and without a trace, it doesn't make any sense. 🙂 Neither in self-development, nor in life.

    If you want to live with such ideas about death, you will have to accept this harsh but undeniable truth. Otherwise, you should change your ideas about death.

  11. The physical body dies, but not the person! A physically dense body, only a part of a person, an instrument with which bodies develop: etheric, astral, first mental, second mental, third mental. The totality of all bodies, starting from the etheric and higher, is the ESSENCE or, according to religious concepts, the soul. All the bodies of the entity are identical to the physical body and are connected to the physical by each cell through channels through which primary matters circulate. All of humanity on Earth as a whole has reached a slightly higher lower-astral level of development. The meaning lies in evolutionary development. Infuse wisdom into the astral body, the first mental body, the second essence mental body, the third mental body, and the fourth. Further, it will not be the earth level of development, but the cosmic one, where the physical body will no longer be needed. In connection with evolutionary growth, man has such opportunities that no technical means can compare with these opportunities. That's the main point. Read the books of Nikolai Levashov starting with the very first “The Last appeal to humanity” and you will find meaning and purpose and movement.

  12. Whatever you want, that's the point. Semantic meanings are a product of a person's way of thinking. Everything flows, everything changes. Life is movement, and movement begets life. Not necessarily a physical movement, but another form of it is aspiration. If we live, then we are already striving, already developing, experiencing desire, forming an intention and expressing it in action. To live and not strive is not possible. More precisely, it is not possible to exist, including experiencing (living) as one of the forms of existence. Another thing is that everything has its own degree of vibration, which means its own perception, its own vector of movement and speed of development. Everyone who exists and lives develops in a certain range of values. You can develop yourself by understanding the development of the physical body, but it is mortal. You can develop, meaning the development of your personality, but personality is mortal, because it is a product of the surface consciousness. Personality changes even in the course of life, depending entirely on the circumstances. You can develop by understanding the development of consciousness. This is a little more complicated, but in general, the surface consciousness is just as deadly, as it changes with the change in perception associated with the capabilities (range) of the form (that is, the physical body). The carrier, the body, changes, so the perceptions change, and therefore the part of consciousness associated with it (surface). If you believe that you can only own a physical body, then all the more you will have to accept that after its death, the continuation of the usual level of consciousness will not be there. And so it is. And at the same time, along with the surface consciousness formed on the basis of the experience experienced, along with its product of adaptation of the current perception (personality), the part that can be conditionally called subconscious also develops. Whether you want it or not, whether you accept it or not, a certain part of you still remains after the death of the physical body. By directing the focus of your attention in life to this particular part, you imbue it with the appropriate energy, compacting and developing what will later transfer the moment of your self-awareness from world to world, from reality to reality. You can call this part the Soul if you want, it doesn't matter in principle. Otherwise, the main flow of energy will go “into the void”, connecting itself with the tools, and not with their carrier. In other words, running in a circle is also a form of movement. And running around in circles, you can live, experience similar circumstances, destroying one and building nothing fundamentally different from the previous one. You were given a box of plasticine, an infinite amount of material, and an infinite amount of space for the results of your crafts. You can sculpt indefinitely, until you pass all the stages of development of modeling skills. Sculpt and play as long as there is a desire for this and a purely material interest. It can be fast, it can be long, it's a “timeless” process. And yet there will come a “moment” (state) when you realize the fact that the amount and variety of molded plasticine will not cease to be plasticine. And the plasticine box is the limitation of your range of perception, beyond which there is an infinity of other possibilities. Then the prickly truth will blind you and you will not be able to accept such a self. You will not be able to do this because it will no longer be decided by consciousness, which is used to hiding and deceiving. You will have to fix everything and start from the beginning in a state of oblivion. The circle will repeat, giving you a new chance to explore yourself and the world.

  13. All knowledge acquired by a person should be passed on to the younger generation-this serves the development of the personal and national economy (gaining benefits, etc.) – this is the meaning of self-development. Where there is no self-development and transfer of accumulated knowledge from generation to generation, the state of the economy (personal and national) is deplorable.

  14. The point is continuous evolution.

    At whose end will we die? If a particular individual, then each person leaves a mark in this life. Influences, whether it's your children or other people, leaving a mental legacy behind.

  15. The moment when humanity will die out completely is very far away, and the moment when you will die should concern you least of all there is a lot of time, 3 universal goals sports, benefits from you to society, changing the world on a global level.

  16. “In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Merciful.”
    “…Whoever is bestowed with wisdom is rewarded with a great boon ” (Qur'an 2: 269).}
    [A general comparison of the holy wisdom of the Qur'an with the wisdom of philosophy and a brief conclusion from what the Qur'an's wisdom taught for the personal and social life of a person, as well as one indication of the superiority of the Qur'an over other Divine words and in general over other words.
    So, in this “Word” there are four bases.]

    Take a close look at the following comparison story and find out the difference between the Qur'anic wisdom and the wisdom of science.
    Once a religious and very skilled glorious ruler wished that the Wise Qur'an would be written in a form appropriate to his holy meanings and fascinating speech, and that his excellent camp would be clothed in beautiful robes.
    So, this great artist wrote the Qur'an in a very amazing way.
    When writing it, He used all sorts of precious rocks.
    In order to indicate the variety of truths contained in it, he wrote some of its relief letters – diamonds and emeralds, others-pearls and agates, others-diamonds and corals, others-gold and silver, and so decorated it and painted it that both those who could read and those who could not, all admired its contemplation in amazement.
    Especially in the eyes of the people of truth, because this external beauty indicated the brilliance and very pleasant decoration of its deep meaning, for them it became the rarest work of art. After that, that ruler showed this elaborately decorated Qur'an to a certain foreign philosopher and a Muslim scholar.
    As a test and reward, he commanded them: “Let each of you write a book about the wisdom of this work!”.
    First the philosopher, then the scientist, wrote one piece on the subject.
    However, the book of the philosopher spoke only about the patterns of letters, their ratio and position, also described the jewelry used, but there was not a word about the meaning.
    Due to the fact that the foreigner did not know how to read Arabic at all.
    I didn't even realize that this decorated Qur'an was a book and that it was a letter with meaning.
    Or rather, he looked at it as if it was a rare beautiful thing.
    In fact, although he didn't speak Arabic, he was a very good engineer, an excellent artist, a skilled chemist, and an excellent judge of jewelry.
    So this man wrote his work according to this knowledge.
    But a Muslim scholar looked at that book and realized that this great book is the Wise Qur'an.
    So, this truth-loving person did not attach importance to external decorations and did not study patterns and letters, or rather, he engaged in such things that, compared with the occupation of the first person, are a million times higher, more expensive, more elegant, more noble, more useful and meaningful, since he made a noble description of the holy truths and bright mysteries that are under the veil of those patterns.
    After that, both of them took their works and presented them to that glorious ruler.
    At first, that ruler took the philosopher's work.
    I looked through it and saw that this arrogant, matter-loving man had worked very hard, but he hadn't written anything about true wisdom, didn't understand the meaning at all.
    Rather than disrespecting the ruler's book and showing his lack of manners, he messed up everything.
    Because he thought that the Qur'an, which is the source of truth, was a meaningless pattern and insulted it, considering it insignificant in terms of meaning.
    That wise lord threw that description at him and chased him away.
    Then the governor took the work of that attentive scholar who was in love with the truth, looked at it, and saw that it was a very useful interpretation, a very wise instruction.
    “Well done, may Allah bless your work!” he said, ” So this book reflects my intention, and the one who wrote it is a scholar and a sage, but the other person is just an incompetent craftsman!”.
    Then, as a reward for his work, he ordered :” From my inexhaustible treasury, for each letter, give that scientist ten gold pieces.”
    And if you have understood this example, then look at the true state of affairs.
    That decorated Qur'an is this created universe, that ruler – the eternal Ruler – is Allah, and those two people, the foreigner, are philosophy and its followers, the other is the Qur'an and its disciples. Yes, the Wise Qur'an is the highest interpreter and most eloquent exponent of the Great Qur'an-the Universe.
    Yes, this Furqan (distinguishing truth from falsehood) teaches the jinn and humans to understand the verses written on the pages of this universe and on the pages of time-the signs that are all creatures.
    He looks at them in relation to the meaning of their creation, that is, from the point of view of their connection with the Creator, looks at each of them as a meaningful letter and says: “How beautifully created, how beautifully they indicate the beauty of the Creator!”, and thus shows the true beauty of the Universe.
    Philosophy, called the science of wisdom, was carried away by the external beauty of beings and their harmonious relationship, and became stupid, lost its true path.
    When the letters of this great Book need to be looked at in relation to their meaning, that is, their relationship to Allah, it does not do this, but looks at the creatures for the sake of the creatures themselves, and thus describes them.
    Then, when it is necessary to say “How beautifully created!”, it says “How beautiful!” – which defiles everything.
    Thus insulting the universe, he makes it a plaintiff against himself.
    Yes, ungodly philosophy is just untrue nonsense and an insult to the entire universe.

    Comparison of the moral education given for a person's personal life by the wisdom of the Qur'an and the lesson given by philosophy.
    A true student of philosophy
    is like a pharaoh, but a despicable, lowly Pharaoh, ready to worship the basest things for profit.
    Every profitable thing he considers his “lord”.
    Also, this unbelieving disciple is stubborn and stubborn, but he is a poor stubborn person who suffers endless humiliation for the sake of pleasure alone.
    He is stubborn, but despicably stubborn, so much so that for the smallest gain he is willing to stoop to kiss the feet of persons like the devil.
    This godless disciple is also despotic and proud, but because he has not found a foothold in his heart, he is essentially a powerless, selfish tyrant.
    Also, that disciple is an egoist in love with profit, the goal of his efforts is to delight his nafs, stomach and base passions.
    And this is such an insidious egoist who, under the guise of public benefit, seeks personal benefit.
    But a sincere student of the Qur'anic wisdom
    he is a slave, but such an expensive slave that he will not stoop to worship even the greatest of creatures and will not make even such a reward as Paradise the goal of his worship.
    Also, a true disciple is modest, meek and gentle, but he will not willingly disgrace himself by humiliating himself in front of someone other than his Creator, thereby going beyond the circle of what is allowed to Him.
    Such a disciple is poor and weak, he is aware of this, but with the riches prepared for him in eternity, he is rich.
    As well as relying on the infinite power of his Master, he gains strength.
    He tries only for the sake of Allah, for the sake of Divine satisfaction, for the sake of good.
    So, comparing the descriptions of these two students, it becomes clear what kind of education these two wisdoms present. THE THIRD BASIS.

    Lessons given by the wisdom of philosophy and the wisdom of the Qur'an for the social life of humanity.
    So, philosophical wisdom:
    in social life, its fulcrum is “strength.”
    The goal is “self-interest and profit”.
    He considers “struggle”to be the law of life.
    The connecting element of society is “racism and nationalism”.
    Its fruits are “the gratification of the passions and the increase of human needs.”
    Meanwhile, strength is shown in the attack.
    Self-interest and profit, since it does not satisfy the desires of everyone, leads to constant fierce battles.
    According to the law of struggle, it is necessary to fight.
    The consequence of racism, which causes the desire to grow by swallowing others, is “aggression”.
    So, from such wisdom, humanity has lost its happiness.
    The wisdom of the Qur'an:
    It takes “truth” as its fulcrum instead of strength.
    Its goal, instead of profit, is ” good and divine contentment.”
    For the basis of life adheres not to the law of struggle, but to the “law of mutual assistance”.
    Instead of racism and the nation, it accepts ” a religious connection, a common cause and a common homeland.”
    Its purpose is to prevent the transgressions of the passionate desires of Nafsa, to encourage the soul to exalted ideas and satisfy its exalted feelings, as well as to encourage a person to improve and educate him as a true person.
    The manifestation of truth is “unification.”
    The consequence of good is “cohesion”.
    A consequence of the law of mutual assistance is “the desire to help each other.”
    Religion, on the other hand, attracts people to “brotherhood”, to “mutual disposition”.
    Curbing the cravings of Nafsa and encouraging the soul to perfect itself by giving it freedom-leads to happiness in both worlds.
    Words – 145

  17. Self-development is not an end in itself. But what is the goal is a big question. To which there is not yet at least some explanatory answer. Yes, we are “thrown into being” here, but the question is whose being it is, by whom we are thrown, what to do with it, and many other things.

    On the other hand, to say that we are going to die anyway is to talk about the body that each of us controls. But in addition to the body, there is information that is transmitted regardless of millennia, which can be the essence of a person today, determine him.

    And a person is not only an individual (a certain unit), but also a set, in which he is only a part. And so far, this multitude is immortal, if it does not decide to kill itself with some kind of nuclear explosion or transhumanism.

    Anyway, how can we talk about death if we don't know what life is?

  18. I wanted to point out that you can only give meaning to a strong-willed action. It is silly to talk about the meaning of any fact or object (i.e., events have no meaning), so if you are engaged in self-development, then something motivates you to do it. The main difficulties are related to finding motivation.

    For example, anthropologists (Savelyev) say that the human brain, as is generally known, is divided into fields and subfields. Depending on the degree of development of the field, as well as its combination with another developed field, various deviations, talents, and so on appear. Pleasure is brought to a person by the activity for which his brain is sharpened. Accordingly, if you are sharpened to play the violin, then constantly playing the violin, you improve yourself and at the same time get maximum pleasure.

    On the other hand, we can talk about self-education as a way to increase dominance (a way to “show off”). For example, I have poor hearing, but I play the violin so that girls will think I am an intelligent, interesting person. In this case, the pleasure of self-education will be directly proportional to the success in increasing dominance.

  19. I've thought about it a lot in my time.Yes, and still echoes of those thoughts somehow pop up in my head.

    I would like to say that I have come to something.I would like to say that this is necessary to improve your well-being, but I think that a person who asks himself such a question will not consider this a weighty argument.

    I would like to say that this is useful for society and people in general,if I did not know that a person concerned about this issue is not particularly worried about society and the future fate of a person.

    I wanted to say a lot of things, but I have to say the following.

    As someone from above wrote, our world is in constant motion.Nothing stands still and nothing stops moving.When you stop, you die.You-kind of cease to exist.

    Accordingly, development has only one goal -the survival of the individual.

    You will develop in any case, because this mechanism is inherent in you by nature.

    To develop or not to develop?You don't have that choice.But as someone wrote from above,you can choose the vector, the direction of your development.

    “If you want to live, know how to spin”

    Only it is desirable to turn in the right direction.

  20. Everyone's life path ends in the same way, but what it will be like throughout life is up to you. The smarter a person is, the more interesting life is, and to be smart, you need to develop yourself.

  21. Self-development has the same meaning as any other activity.

    What's the point of watching a movie, reading a book, going to the gym, reading the answer to this question?

    Self-development is a kind of hunger that a person seeks to satisfy with the means available to him.

    The goal of self-development is not to become an ideal version of yourself and then die, but to realize some of your values in the process of life.

    Self-development is not a goal, but a means by which I can make my life more conscious, more qualitative, more consistent with my ideas about happiness.

    If self-development is understood as learning something new, then it contributes to the expansion of opportunities, a more interesting life, communication with meaningful people, the joy of creativity and activity. Instead of stagnation, endless groundhog day, early dementia, victimhood and boredom.

  22. Develop and simultaneously develop everything around you.

    If you die, then with a smile on your face and tears in your eyes,knowing that life was not lived in vain.

    By the way, our existence does not matter from the point of view of the universe,but from the point of view of humanity, it is an experience and hope for the continued existence of people.

    We are all tiny particles in a huge system.Each of us has our own role)

  23. Once, when I was very young, I had a conversation with an actress. I don't remember the whole point of our dialogue, but the two main lines were as follows::

    – why go on stage if you still have to leave it later?
    – and why be born, if you still then die?

    self-development classes are something that can improve your short-term stay here on the scale of the Universe, make your life more diverse, brighter and make you understand what those who also did not see the meaning of self-development do not understand. By developing yourself, you can help others develop. As the lines on the pedestal say to Yu. A. Zhdanov, the first rector of my university, who by compatibility was the son-in-law of Joseph Stalin:�

    “Give everything you know, can and dare. “In yourself you die, in another you will survive.” �

    You will still take all your background with you to the grave, and with the proper level of self-development before you are placed there, you can share some of it with others, leaving yourself in the centuries.

  24. That's a pretty funny question. Of course, it's not polite to answer the question, but still. Tell me if you want to die a miserable man or a great man.

    By answering this question, you will understand whether you should engage in self-development or not.

  25. One answer always came to mind to such questions: it feels like you will not live at all until this moment (or you will be so little that you will not have time to feel the result of your activity).

  26. I don't remember who said it, but it was very succinct (for me): “The meaning of life is to seek that meaning.” About self-development here. Well, if you believe in reincarnation, then, perhaps, becoming wiser in this life, you can become someone more interesting in the next) for example, an indigo person or a psychic of some kind)))

  27. Then what's the point of anything at all? If the ultimate goal of life is death, then everything we do during our existence is for and for it. But it's pointless. Let's take the example of a normal meal, we prepare a delicious breakfast exclusively for ourselves, for ourselves alive. We learn languages to communicate with people while traveling, read books to enjoy the author's work or gain knowledge, go to theaters, learn to dance. Self-development guarantees us endless enjoyment of life. And in the end, we're all going to die, yes, you're absolutely right about that. In the meantime, eat delicious food, see the world, read classics, go to the movies and dance tirelessly.

  28. The meaning is simple: if you come to the end of your life in peace with yourself, you will still have time to pass on the experience to someone else – children, for example, close people, etc. And they, having bypassed the next ambush in their lives, will remember you with a kind word (if this is important to you, of course). In fact, this is how the world is made a little better than it was before you.

  29. The author pressed it. I also believe that life has meaning. Only in most cases it is the lowest. And it is the majority who are afraid to die, knowing full well that they will die anyway, that everyone around them will die.It's nature, guys. Everything that is alive dies. And if all this still does not develop, then just go right now look for some place like a basement, bridge and dump, why do you need to work and start families if you and they will die anyway? The human mind will soon become obsolete and degraded. And those who at least somehow will develop, will understand at the end of their life that they did not live it in vain:)

    1. Self-development does not need to be justified, it is quite worthy of being an end in itself.�

    2. But still, first of all, it is necessary to develop qualities that will be useful not only in this life, but also in the future.

  30. The point of self-development is primarily to share with others later.

    At this point, important questions will arise: will these ideas be useful to them? Will they help them share it with their children and friends later? Therefore, for example, there is really no point in developing the idea of “child free”.

    And in the development and dissemination of the ideas of love and the development of the potential of humanity – a huge sense.

    Development and distribution – this is the meaning of any life in general, people just reached the cultural level, which accelerated development thousands of times.

    True, in addition to the development of cooperation/symbiosis, there is also predatory/egoistic development, and the whole drama of life is twisted around this. Read the excellent review of the evolution of altruism and selfishness by Alexander Markov on this topic, I recommend it to everyone: polit.ru

  31. Of course, the people who unsubscribed here were right, that there is no objective meaning and that everyone has their own meaning, and so on.

    I, as a person raised by art, want to say that of the many possible meanings and goals of human development: only one can truly justify its appearance in the world: victory over death. Other goals (such as a life for pleasure (but not in the form of rebellion), a life for achieving social success, etc.) are simply broken off by death, painfully emphasizing the absurdity of existence. They lose their meaning, so to speak, leaving the individual alone with emptiness.

    In the victory over death, thousands of different approaches and variations are possible: it is worth remembering only to recall the ringing names of long-dead people. But fame is not the highest level of immortality (as well as the memory of loved ones, as the continuation of the family).

    But it should awaken the motivation to develop, to live eternal ideals and eternal feelings (you can call it a cosmic religious feeling, like Einstein, a state of Enlightenment, as Buddhism calls it, in different ways). A person, in one moment, opening the “Doors of his perception” is able to adapt himself to a life of higher aesthetics, and under the beauty of which, death serves only a minor dramatic effect.

    The aesthetic of perception is inevitably linked to art. Many quotes can be quoted from A. Camus: “The absurdity of being can only be justified aesthetically” and F. Kropotkin. Dostoevsky: “The world will be saved by beauty” and long monologues from “Doctor Zhivago”. Art is the transmission of beauty, the materialization of the eternal, the materialization of victory over death. And when you go to the gallery, know: you are looking at the highest point of man's development, where he has conquered death.

  32. I thought about life,

    It's old, though.

    Life span: well, rope, bucket!

    Kohl, bucket from the well,

    It comes out empty

    Decide how long the rope is,

    Not worth

  33. self development is given for the feeling with which we will die

    most people die with a feeling of mental pain,for the wrongness of their days, etc.

    self-development is also a lifestyle, just for yourself.

  34. Nihilism is a clear and very interesting position. After all, nihil is nothing. Unfortunately, we cannot achieve this because we have natural needs in addition to our conscious and acquired ones. Self-development is necessary in order for the next generation to have something. It seems to me that self-development is a continuation of the instinct of self-reproduction. After all, why reproduce if nothing develops? Every step into the future gives us the opportunity to know the world better, to manage it, which leads to survival. If you look from a selfish point of view, then self-development, of course, we do not need at all.

  35. Try a regressive hypnosis session. Convincing a person of something they haven't seen for themselves is pointless and useless. Only by going through this on your own and seeing that the past life is not an idiotic fiction of crazy mystics will you understand what is the point of self-development, and why-death is far from the end of life.

  36. I would take the question out of the philosophical direction and reflections on the meaning of life and the place of man in the world. Let's focus on the purely practical side. To begin with, it is worth highlighting the goal of self-development: why do you do something every day to be better than yourself yesterday? To get a job, be able to enjoy the products of world culture, communicate with people in different countries, find a common language with anyone and make new friends to be proud of yourself, etc.�

    There can be any number of reasons. But”they all affect” your sense of self in one way or another.Achievements in the field of self-development provoke the production of happiness hormones: endorphin, serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin.

    Simply put, you develop yourself to have more opportunities, more access to the benefits of life, and at the same time experience the pleasant feelings that your brain provides in gratitude for your work.�

    Would you like to spend all the allotted years of your life in this state? I would like to. It doesn't matter how many there are. We always live in the present moment, and while we are engaged in self-development, we create tools for ourselves that help us brighten up this moment and make it more fulfilling.�

    Everything you “do with the right goal of self-development” improves the quality of your life. Wanted�you�to live 300�years, not�able to read and�to write,�knowing the language,�getting pleasure from�art? What would your existence amount to then? Except for “life support”and” reproduction.

    If we consider self-development only in the pursuit of some unrealistic ideal, an unattainable goal, then it can reduce the quality of life. You will constantly realize how far away you are from your dream, compare yourself to others, and suffer that someone has something that you don't have. Such a life also has little joy in it. Even if you catch up with everyone and get what you want, the joy will be instant, and then the disappointment may come: “And this is what I've been chasing for so long? I'd rather just enjoy myself.”�

    You should not turn your existence into a pursuit of results and ideals. You will get more pleasant experiences if you focus on the process, because it lasts longer than crossing the final mark.�

    You should also think about what you sacrifice for the sake of your self-development, how harmonious your life is.�Spend�if you�too much attention to�study, career and�T.�Not�take�if�yourself a pleasure to deal with�loved ones? Do you allow yourself time for “small life joys that will not” bring long-term benefits, but”please you right now?

    All these questions are important for understanding what self-development is for you and how not to accidentally become a slave to it. Maybe you will find pleasure in a simpler life. But there are some main things that require work on yourself simply because they support everything else.�

    We are talking about the higher mental functions of the brain: memory, attention, thinking. It is necessary to train them, because the weakening of these functions leads to a decrease in the quality of life. The Wikium platform helps you do this. There is nothing complicated in training — exercises in a playful way require you to spend 15-20 minutes a day. When you first visit the platform, you can take a preliminary test that will assess the current state of cognitive functions. And then a program will be drawn up to help them develop. Try it out!

  37. Peace be with you. There is no death, it is only your flesh that returns to the dust, and your energy substance-the soul-returns to its former habitation, if its stay in purgatory has passed, then if it has not become cleaner, if it was pure and grew up without sin-to the CREATOR,


  38. If you refuse to develop yourself, then at first your life – by all accounts-will become unbearably boring, and then frankly “rotten” (this is how I figuratively convey the feeling of it-both at the level of self-perception and the objective external environment).

    This feeling of “rottenness” will not be suppressed by any simple means (primitive entertainment, alcohol, drugs).�

    As a result, by the time of his death (and rather soon) you will come with a deep sense of your own “rottenness”. Moreover, the “rottenness” that you remember as much as you remember yourself (childhood, even if it was happy, will be forgotten long ago and will not be comforted by anything).

    Are you interested in such a life and such a death?

    Well, to avoid this, to come to your end with the full feeling that you have done an interesting, full of adventures, troubles and joys of the path – and you need self-development.

  39. Man dies only biologically, but man's legacy is immortal. Therefore, the goal is to create a legacy for descendants in order to maintain the life of descendants after themselves: material, mental, physical, spiritual.�

    A person dies, but does not die out, so nothing in this world ends with our death. What matters is what you do for your descendants, and what those descendants do for their descendants.

  40. Leave a trail behind you..and what color and smell it is there is no difference..) In general, the question is primitively simple – a person lives for pleasure.. . You can get pleasure from any garbage, even from suffering and humiliation..

  41. Life is about development. And if you think in terms similar to the text of the question, then why live at all if we all die anyway? Yes, even if you invent eternal life-why live, because everything is still rotten and despondent=) Ан But no, all despondency is only if you are a dull and boring person =)

  42. Short and clear “Man is the measure of all things”

    It doesn't make any sense

    Any thing gets it only when a person gives it to it

    We give names to objects, but they do not carry anything in themselves, a stone is called a stone, because we give it meaning�

    Only you decide what is important to you and give meaning to what is important to you, whether it is a walk, TV shows, books, sofa, music, love, without a person it all does not matter.

  43. There are a lot of answers in the top about meaninglessness, don't you find it funny and stupid? If you study physics, biology, chemistry, don't you find it strange that such an unimaginably complex world is a dummy, an accident, and it makes no sense to think about meaning?

    Then why do you live? I don't want to talk about religion, because most people perceive it completely wrong, and because of my small age, I myself can make mistakes in many judgments. Ask yourself, have you ever noticed that everything in life is very smart? Not only in the structure of matter, but in the events of life over time?�

    There are many things that a person cannot understand, but this does not mean that these things do not exist.

    The meaning of life is not in the final result, but in the movement itself, the dynamics

    Life teaches everyone something, even if you do nothing, you will never stay in one place, just as it is impossible to stop time even for a moment, just as it is impossible to stop changes in your consciousness while living.

    And your entire complex life can not fall into the void, just as according to the law of conservation of energy, nothing disappears without a trace, any action is followed by a continuation.

    It is possible that no one will ever be able to understand what will happen after death, but something will definitely happen and in order to believe in it, it is not necessary to adhere to any religion.

    Be open to everything and treat everything with respect.

  44. By this logic, you don't need to do anything at all.In general, this is a false reading of the sources of happiness.Do not think that if you are developing,it is for the sake of a specific goal or a specific day in your life.The beauty of self-development is its extended effect.The fruits of this process are difficult to observe, because we quickly get used to a new state of consciousness,but they are significant simply because the world is you.Have you ever thought that everything that is basically known about this world,what was said and thought and stored in your memory-it all passed through your head,everything that is actually known to you?Conditionally,what you don't know and don't guess doesn't exist for the world.Naturally, for yours.But you've never been out of your world.Maybe there's nothing else.

    The world is strikingly subjective because you perceive it through yourself.So you are not a complete structure.Many processes take place in you autonomously.But the beauty is that they can be upgraded and downloaded.And this is enough, starting from self-esteem(I'm sure no one will live a day without it) to enjoying the process and the result, which you just need to learn to see.Imagine how great it would be to have a sharp memory.How easy it would be.So you can have it!Develop it!

    At the same time, you can be a traffic jam.They say it's easier to live that way.Maybe so,but light doesn't mean brighter or richer.Such people are closed to the vzod in the hall of consciousness, which opens up to the world and develops, elevates a person.But the price for this is different.People with a broad consciousness often fall into depression or existential pits.But this is normal and temporary.The choice is yours!

  45. On average, the journey from birth to death takes several decades. A person tries to make this path comfortable. And only self-development can help in this.

  46. If we die in the end anyway and nothing is left of us, then there is no point in self-development, just as there is no point in the progress of humanity and, in fact, in anything else. It is possible, of course, to assume that the desire for self-development and progress arose in humans by chance in the process of evolution, providing them with an advantage in the process of fighting for survival. But this does not give our lives any meaning, because both the so-called evolution itself and the struggle for survival are ultimately meaningless. If we assume that we and the whole world were created as a result of random transformations, then the word “meaning”itself will not have any meaning. And since all people, including material scientists, stubbornly seek meaning, want to develop and set goals for themselves, it means that they believe in the existence of a higher meaning of being and, therefore, in God, who created this world and us for a specific purpose, putting in us the desire to develop and improve.

  47. Development is a natural process, but standing still leads to degradation. If you want to leave a mark behind, don't stand still 🙂
    It is much more interesting to live when you are developing – reading, learning new things, communicating, learning something new, applying it in your life, taking risks, achieving results. Yes, we are waiting for the end, but to this end you can go in an interesting way, rather than aimlessly sitting, lying, lying and zhor zhor (may the Russian language forgive me) in front of the TV screen )))

    Personally, in the process of self-development, I get great pleasure from life. 🙂

  48. Don't think about “later”, but about “now”. It is necessary to live an interesting life somehow. And doing nothing is boring and uninteresting, isn't it? You live now, not later. So develop for this very thing now

  49. Self-development is necessary for self-consciousness-awareness of one's “I” as a subject of one's consciousness, the ability to reflect on oneself, on the knowledge of oneself, its nature, and the meaning of life. It is super-cosmic, it has a desire for the infinite. To understand that the result of self-development is not death, but a special supramundane stage of being.

  50. Perhaps a person develops precisely because he is aware of his mortality. Otherwise, he would have been bored and dragged his feet indefinitely – well, why, then I'll have time to get out of the cave…

  51. Nothing. You can't do without the meaning of life anyway. We are used to doing everything with meaning, literally everything. But in the most important thing-in life-we do not see any meaning, and this leads to the fact that we do not get a high-quality meaningful life. It's like someone giving us a shovel and telling us to dig. We dig, but we don't know what. Maybe it's a tree pit, maybe a foundation trench, or maybe a grave. But we do not know what we are doing, and therefore, a priori, we cannot do what we are doing efficiently, because we do not know the ultimate goal of our work. Therefore, it is most logical to ask the one who gave us this life-what we should do with it, how to live it, and in general, why we need it.

  52. The question of whether there is a sense in self-development, in principle, is not much different from the banal “what is the meaning of life”. And so. There is NO meaning, that is, the reason and purpose why each particular person was born (unless you are a convinced Christian, of course, but then you would not ask such questions here, because the answer for you is already contained in a more authoritative source).�
    And now, attention, focus: the concept of “meaning” is a product of human consciousness and, in principle, does not exist outside of this consciousness.
    That is, to simplify, in nature there is no logical goal for which a person would be born and improve himself, because logic and goals are an invention of man.
    If this makes you sad , don't despair. There is nothing stopping you from creating your own life goal or believing in one that already exists. Will it be imaginary? Definitely. Does it make any difference to you? It's up to you.

  53. There is an important point here. Many people are convinced that the end is not the end. At the same time, many of them decided that if you perform some actions in the process of life, it may turn out that after death it will pay dividends. Most often, in one way or another, these actions can be called “development” (depending on what is meant by this). Thus, their development is motivated by this. Since you can't refute their position, you should just develop for the sake of insurance. In addition, it will bring you more obvious and immediate benefits. In general, no matter how you look at it, it is profitable, and therefore you can invest your time and effort in it. Imagine that you are an investor and decide what is the best market to invest in. Development is not always profitable, just as investing in everything is not profitable. But there are times when it is most profitable.

  54. One day someone will find a way not to die, others will be able to control the climate, others will find eternal sources of energy, and others will move to other planets altogether. People are trying to become gods. It may or may not work. But if we hadn't developed, we'd still be sitting in the woods with a club.

  55. Mark Aurelius read it. The general meaning is for yourself. Enjoy your life. “We have one and we know how it ends” Joseph Brodsky.

  56. In response to this question, I advise you to read the novel by I. A. Goncharov “Oblomov”. In it, you can see different types of personalities, and the main character – Oblomov is trying to find the meaning of life. Read the novel, you won't regret it

  57. It's very simple. The smarter you are , the more interesting life is. The more you know , the more fun you get out of life. Moreover, what is the point of life in general, except to have fun?.. 😉

  58. It's fun. And everything. You may think my answer is silly and childish, but somewhere at your age I adopted such a paradigm for myself (and for some reason it has not been subjected to internal criticism since then): everything you do is just different games: having a child, going to college, getting married, learning music, believing in g-d, having a dog, etc.

    It's fun, interesting, and you'll still want to do some of it, because “this is our destiny — every intelligent creature is bored, some are bored, others are busy.” A person finds more and more new games to participate in, and when these games also have strict rules, it causes a kind of primitive delight in a person, although he shows complete displeasure. For some, this goes beyond the boundaries of reason, that is, the boundaries beyond which the personal space of someone else is violated and they begin to play a serial killer, pedophile and all that stuff.

  59. Compressed:

    The point of self-development is that it changes the quality of life. It can reduce your quality of life to such an extent that you will die under certain circumstances, or it can increase your quality of life to such an extent that you will achieve a state of contentment and happiness for a while.

    In detail:

    Self-development is a measure of how different a person is from an animal; it is a process.

    It is characterized by changes in a number of properties: mental (knowledge and skills), physical (muscle mass, endurance).

    Self-development is the answer to:

    1) Requirements that the external environment imposes on you

    2) Requirements that you set for yourself

    Consider 2 situations.

    1) Requirements imposed by the external environment.

    This is what unites us with animals.

    These demands represent negative motivation (motivation from bad things) – “If I don't do this, I won't get this”, “If I don't do what the boss says, I'll get fired from my job and go without food”.

    Here, self-development is expressed by * THE ABILITY TO ADAPT*.

    These can be requirements that your employer makes for you at the workplace or nature during a hike in the forest.

    By fulfilling the requirements, you will be provided with the necessary amount of food, a house, a shelter, caught fish, collected non-poisonous mushrooms, i.e. basic goods that correspond to the environment in which you live.

    Otherwise, you will die of starvation in nature, and in the conditions of civilization you will be begging or receiving unemployment benefits.

    For people who are driven only by the first factor, the meaning of self-development is solely in survival. Like animals, they may not be aware that they are evolving.

    2) Requirements that you set for yourself.

    This is what sets us apart from animals.

    These requirements represent positive motivation (the pursuit of good) – “If I do this, I will get this”, “If I start a business, I will earn money for a huge house, a harem and a yacht” or “If I study medicine, I will save a lot of people”.

    If in the first case, the reward that you receive is determined by nature (you get food) or the employer (you get money and VHI insurance), then in the second case, you yourself determine what is personally valuable to you and what you enjoy and strive for it.

    In the first case, the punishment you will receive is reproaches from your boss, lack of funds for food, or starvation.

    In the second case, there will be no penalty if you do not determine it yourself.

    This is one of the reasons why there are relatively few prominent people – scientists, businessmen, etc. After all, no one will punish people for not being outstanding.

    For people who are driven by both the first (it always works) and the second factors, the meaning of self-development is self-realization and getting intellectual pleasure. This brings them contentment and possibly happiness. Therefore, it can be assumed that such people live a better life.

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