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  1. This is a scar after the introduction of the BCG vaccine. Enter, as a rule, in the maternity hospital, after a month or two, a small ulcer appears in this place, which then safely scars. If you do not have such a scar, it means that either your parents refused to vaccinate you, or it was ineffective, that is, the body did not develop special protection.

  2. It's good that you don't have it)) So, you are young and you have everything ahead of you))) This is the so-called “smallpox” in the common people. This was mandatory vaccination against smallpox (now this disease is practically not found and vaccination has not been done for 20-30 years). In the time of my youth (childhood), inactivated smallpox vaccine was administered using this kind of crap (an incision was made on the shoulder with this piece of iron soaked in a solution of dry vaccine):

    A little later, this garbage was replaced by the still used scarifier:

    This piece of iron is still used to prick your finger for blood testing. Well, then they began to do it with a syringe. The vaccination was sometimes very painful.

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