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    1. Giving up self-employment and going freelance: this is very important when you and only you plan and organize your work.

    2. Having stopped trying to become an exceptionally positive person: it turns out that a lot of effort was spent on pretending to yourself and being afraid of not liking someone.

    3. Being sent by a person you genuinely tried to help: that there is no need to be responsible for it.

    4. The latest: before self-isolation, I was very cautious about Skype psychotherapy and resorted to it only when there were really no other options; when it turned out that for quite a long time it would be possible to work only in this way, I actively joined in and began to feel much more freedom in this format.

  1. I went to an Orthodox Church that was being restored in 1990 near my home, and there a new life opened up for me. And I went to the Temple almost by accident.

    What I am writing is not an agitation or some kind of appeal to someone who is not a believer. It's just my free life for 30 years now.

  2. It is not the physical release from anything that gives a real sense of spiritual freedom, but the mental touch of the divine and the awareness of this touch of Infinity in itself. It is difficult to describe in words the feeling of omnipotence, as if your consciousness expands to infinity, that even the planet seems small and defenseless, and your self-awareness is present in every atom of the protective atmosphere of the planet.

    The first experience that led to the above was with a short practice of pranayama, which led to the study of literature, which in turn led to Agni Yoga. Indeed, as indicated in the sequence of Book titles – first Call, then Insight. Discoveries, understanding, awareness, freedom of the inner spirit, courage, fearlessness, which are of great value and require aspiration and hard work that brings joy. But that first almost physical sensation (I later learned that it was one of the types of samadhi) was remembered.

  3. Two events come to mind-divorce and dismissal from a job that was sucked in by the grayness and ordinariness.
    But probably there were more such events, just forgotten over the years.

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