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  1. Sometimes I think that religion is just laziness to think and understand life or the world. People are not the same, and we have the whole development of the mind, oddly enough, the desire or ability to obey.

    In childhood, religion is not necessary. Because the main “legislator” is either the parent or the eldest. Another thing is when a person becomes a Person and independent to make certain and necessary decisions or rules of behavior by himself.

    Although there is sometimes a desire… break any rules. A child in adolescence just “wakes up” this desire. The ancient Slavs had a consistent method of suppressing this desire, and therefore a person at this age was called a “boy”, that is, deprived of speech. A teenager or even a young man did not have the right to express his opinion or course of action. His main task remained to obey his elders!

    So naturally, atheists appear among believers. They do not necessarily rebel against the established rules, but want to understand them! Socrates was accused of godlessness, although the philosopher himself did not deny the belief in Gods, but as he said: I only ask questions about conscience, honor, and courage… lies or hypocrisy. And in the search for questions, they do not turn to the gods who supposedly set the “rules of the game”, which is quite enough for many – but it is important to understand why these rules arose because of our exclusively human nature?! Socrates was murdered.

    And every time they kill again and again, when they say: “Everything is from God”, “Everything is God's will” and so on. People substitute the desire to find an answer for the illusion of knowing it, whose name is ” God.”

    Therefore, either religion, or already in the modern way – some kind of” ideology ” will always be in human society.

    But the good news is that atheism in any old or new religion will be indestructible. And I even think that it is quite enough for society to have only twenty percent of atheists, so as not to lose common sense in life.

  2. Morality is not necessarily a belief in God. There is a secular ethic that holds a person responsible for happiness to themselves and others. Religions are transformed over time under the influence of emerging new living conditions. Perhaps one day they will turn into some kind of nontheistic moral teaching, based on a scientific method of knowledge and a more free attitude to issues of the family, society, and various cultures. It's like when a naughty child is small, it only behaves well when the parent is controlling. When a child grows up and gets smarter, he is already able to keep himself from harmful things without a parent. So is society. While it is developing, it needs some idea of a higher being — the cause of morality. When society reaches the next level of development, children will be taught from birth that a person is primarily responsible to himself and others. And people will find reasons for happiness within themselves, and not in the external service of someone or something.

  3. It is not necessary, being together with atheism two sides of the same stick. Turn on self-awareness, starting to Learn from everything, Seeing in YOURSELF the causes of all evils, as an opportunity to see behind them a hidden ability, which, by transforming YOURSELF, you will pull out, becoming different.

  4. Let's “dance from the stove“, that is, from the definition of the term “God”, which He gave to a man named John-the beloved disciple of the Son of God, Jesus Christ:

    .. God is spirit … God is love…”4: 24; 1John 4: 8)

    … and then He said about Himself:

    ” … I am the resurrection and the life …”11:25;

    Now we have the opportunity to reflect on your question: –

    “What alternatives to a future world without religion do you see? that is,” God ” will no longer be needed by people….”?!

    .. what alternatives can we talk about if people stop needing Love and Life Itself!?

    Only about the terrible prophecies of Jesus Christ preceding the Last Judgment, following the example of Sodom and Gomorrah!

  5. Religion is likely to remain in the consciousness and practice of humanity. At least for the next 2000 years. People will always need God. However, there are some aspects of such a future that are archived. First, humanity is diverse in terms of the level of development of consciousness and spirit. There will always be those who have grown out of theological pants and those who can't live without religion ( as we understand it today) like an asthmatic without an oxygen cushion.

    Secondly, it is the concept of “God”. To discuss topics related to creation (and therefore to God) without becoming on the same ideological platform is equivalent to a swan, a crab and a pike. The ” who ” (problem) will not move.

    Third, there are already quite a lot of people in the world who understand that younger brothers can't live without moral guidance. They – these people-are seekers of truth. For them, there is no religion higher than the truth.

    And these people are quite higher in their spiritual and moral development than many archpastors and even than some elders from the famous mountains. Are these people atheists? God forbid, of course not! Only they don't believe, they know. They know how the creation took place ( the next one in an infinite sequence of creations). They know where a person came from and they know where they are going.

  6. There are no alternatives. Intellectually incompetent people will continue to believe in all sorts of superstitions. One religion will no longer exist, but another religion will appear in its place. The superstition of most people can not be defeated, it is their genetic givenness, they were born with such abilities and are not able to acquire other abilities. If atheism is imposed on them, they will accept it on faith, as a religion, without being able to understand it. So the question is not about religions, but about the intellectual abilities of the masses.

  7. The philosopher announced the Apocalypse. What the world will be like, I do not know. The world was created by people, not God. Con. – Gnostic philosophy destroyed the world created by people. A change in the world order is coming.

  8. Society consists of people who are at different levels of social, intellectual and spiritual development.

    Atheists do not represent a homogeneous mass and are divided into two groups: one – does not recognize Divine Providence in principle, and the other – rejects religious dogmas, but recognizes the Supreme Mind as the basis of the universe.

    To move from the first group to the second, it is necessary to pass the spiritual path to God, which runs through the religious path.

    In the process of accumulating spiritual practices and realizing their place and purpose, a person stops using the” crutches ” of religions , and continues to explore the World independently.

  9. “…alternatives to a future world without religion… ” – you can see right now in China. Their religion lacks the very idea of God. For God is not equal to religion. The majority of Chinese people don't even talk about God, so there is no need for atheism.

    People live in different coordinates, in their worldview for hundreds of years. Did it make their lives worse? Or did it make them unhappy and sad? Not at all. This means only one thing: that the idea of God has not taken root in their world, and no one suffers about it, “does not break the bow, does not break the bow” – their life is full of energy and content. And their culture takes a respected place of honor.

    I repeat: the idea of God is just someone's idea, which does not give rest to a restless, doubting mind, and lies on the foundation of fear.

    But the concepts of “God” and religion are by no means identical, for one can be deeply religious without accepting the idea of God.

    The alternative is on your face, and you don't need to wait for the distant future, everything has been around for a long time.

  10. What about without atheists? In the holy scriptures Christ God himself says that in the last times when he appears to the world for the second time he will not find faith on earth.
    Of course, there will be believers, but there will be so few of them that it's already scary to imagine.
    Without God, life is hell, it can't be any other way.

  11. There was no world without religion,there is no world without religion, and there will never be a world without religion.For a person, no matter how strong he is physically and spiritually, is still in the soul, even for a minute, for a moment, for an iota….but weak… and he definitely needs someone who is older,smarter…wiser…it can suggest a way out of a hopeless situation,encourage,comfort and give an incentive to live.EVERYONE in this world needs someone who loves them unconditionally, just because they are there.And only the Creator combines all of the above( even our parents…not at all,but there are also just such, unconditionally loving and at the same time strict)…but parents are for someone,and the Creator is ONE FOR EVERYONE, His understanding and love extend to all of humanity.And people,in spite of everything, know it…therefore, there will never be a world without religions,because otherwise the human race will be orphaned.

  12. According to the Holy Scriptures, in the near future there will be one religion, one God, one society on the whole earth, as it was before. In the future, God will take power away from all people on earth, and He will rule:

    “And in the days of those kingdoms [now existing rulers] The God of heaven will raise up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, and the kingdom will not be handed over to another people; it will break in pieces and destroy all the kingdoms, but it will stand forever” (Dan 2:44).

    Then the requests of millions of people who obey God from the prayer of Our Father for the coming of the Kingdom of God, whose will will be done on earth, will be fulfilled.:

    “Thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6: 10)

    With the coming of God's Kingdom or God's government from heaven, God will restore the paradise on earth that Adam and Eve gave up. In this way the promise of Christ when he spoke will be fulfilled:

    “Happy are the meek, for they will inherit the earth”(Matthew 5: 5).

    Can you imagine what life will be like on earth when only meek people will live on it? Would you like to live among meek people? What will life be like in the earthly paradise restored by God ? How long will people live there? And what do you need to do to live in this paradise? Would you like to get answers to these questions from the Bible?

  13. I liked the phrase in the response from above�

    Moving away from the truth-lie gradation in the direction of politically correct-non-politically correct.

    However, I would say that there will be a shift away from the right-wrong gradation towards productive-counterproductive, because it is precisely political correctness that atheists do not care about, they, like all decent people, care about mutual respect.�

    In this case, I would say that the world will be divided into atheists and agnostics, because the position of atheism itself is somewhat limited initially.

    The world cannot give up religion in principle, but if you make a thought experiment, then personally I see a progressive, cosmopolitan world in which all prejudices and misconceptions have been thrown away. Well, you understand right? It sounds too good to be real.

  14. … do not dream of any alternatives, everything will come true what is written in the Scriptures, …
    … Luke 21: 33:
    Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away.
    .. John 1: 3:
    All things were made by Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.
    … Revelation 1: 8:
    ₈ I amAlpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, says the Lord, who is, and was, and is to come, the Almighty.

  15. In a world without religions, faith will be strong, because without an externally assigned set of rules on what to believe, the individual will have to search for faith on his own. Many people substitute it for the search for meaning, without thinking about the fact that meaning is quite an applied thing, and faith is the source of life, if you don't go into details.

    The number of reasons for conflicts will decrease.

    People will stop disturbing the souls of the long-dead, begging them for various benefits and not wanting to make their own efforts to achieve these benefits.

    People will stop worrying the souls of the long-dead, reproaching them with the fact that here they are – messengers of the gods and did nothing when their loved ones were in trouble.

    And maybe people will think about statehood in general, but that's another story.

  16. God will never cease to be necessary to people. So people can do without religion, but never without God. The first human couple wanted to do without God. This led to the fact that they led all their descendants into a deep abyss. We ourselves have died and we are suffering. If God had not provided for deliverance from sin and death, the whole world would have perished.

  17. What would the world look like without religion?

    A world without religions means a world without fantasy, without such poems:

    Tying the robe crosswise,
    Tie a candle to a stick,
    The angel is flying small,
    Flying through the forest, svetlolik.
    In the snow-white silence
    From the pine tree it flutters to the pine tree,
    Touch a twig with a candle –
    Crack, flash a light,
    It will grow round and tremble,
    It'll run like a thread
    Here and there, and here and here …
    the winter forest is shining all over!
    As easy as snow down,
    Christmas winged spirit
    Lights up the heavens,
    Reduces the holiday to forests,
    So that from heaven and earth
    Lights could meet,
    So that between the sky and the earth
    a different ray lit up,
    So that from the light of small candles
    A long beam like a sharp sword,
    My heart was pierced with light,
    He pointed out an awkward path.

    Alexander Blok 1912

    Yes, the importance of classical religions decreases slightly with the growth of people's well-being. But quasi-religious cults are growing. Love, actors, singers, healthy lifestyle teachers, aliens, bloody gebni and other special services, anti-vaccination, vegitarian movements.

    But the growth of well-being is also a big question, in my opinion. At the moment, there is nothing to indicate that growth will continue and lead to any fundamental improvements. Rather the opposite. And all sorts of IGIGILs are gaining strength, and do not go into the past. At the beginning of the 20th century, there was also a mass feeling that universal prosperity and abundance were about to come, scientists were thinking up everything and we would all live well, the cosmos was conquered, the atom was conquered, and in the 80th year, Khrushchev promised to show the last priest on TV. Khrushchev is not here, and you saw the Christmas service on TV yesterday.

  18. I think that we are used to understanding God as something good and omnipotent. And it will be difficult for humanity to get rid of such stereotypes, if you will. Rather, we will have a different view of the omnipotent “dispenser”of grace . Obviously, we are talking about money. It is clear that even now money is being raised in a kind of cult and many openly call it the greatest happiness. The world has always been full of greedy and cynical people, but what is happening in our time overshadows, in my humble opinion, all ideas about self-interest in the past. Look in the mirror, in the drawer, or around you, and you'll immediately understand what I'm talking about. Pain-in are ready to do anything for the sake of wealth. Just name a sufficient amount. We almost always call people who die for their traditional religion “religious fanatics”; we laugh at church officials, etc.; we sincerely do not understand anything useful in this. But we set hard workers who live out of the world for pennies as an example to others. Their martyrdom at work becomes so heroic in society that posters depicting successful people have replaced icons for many. The usual ideas about God are always blurred and far from reality, and a billion US dollars right now can make many people a Paradise right here.

  19. A world without God's faith is a world of the devil. The devil is condemned and his power will soon end. All those who believed in God will be with Him in the new society, and those who did not believe will be with the devil in the Lake of fire for eternity.

  20. “What alternatives to a future world without religion do you see? that is,” God ” will no longer be needed by people. I don't mean that everyone will become an atheist.”

    Educated people do not need any” God ” now.

    Soviet society did not need God and, despite the terrible trials that it had to endure, managed to break away from the plow and be the first to go into space.

    Now, when instead of a real, scientific education, “God” is being shoved into all the holes – even in the constitution and the anthem of a secular state, they managed to shove it! – our country has passed all the positions won by atheistic upbringing.

    Except theft and corruption! We're one of the very first people in this place! Exactly as it is sung and promised in the Bible!

    Therefore, the only alternative for the future world is seen only as universal higher education of the population.

    Then the word atheist will also become an archaism. Because there will be no so-called “believers”!

  21. Which is more productive-to believe in God or in your own strength? Believe in the Creator or create yourself? Rhetorical questions… So what's stopping it?

    Fear of death. This is the foundation and mainstay of any religion. If humanity gets rid of this fear, religion will quickly become history.

  22. You assume that there is no God. That faith is the companion of ignorance and regression. And then, according to this logic, there should be no enlightenment and progress of faith in the bright future. If we proceed from the understanding that there is a God, then part of the progress and part of the development of mankind is to take this fact into account.

    Can people live without faith? Yes. Atheists successfully steal concepts from religion, calling it ethics. Sometimes they even give inanimate phenomena a capital letter and start worshipping them like gods-Science, Nature, as if science or nature has its own will.

    Communist and fascist regimes have shown that they can do without faith. Only here the citizens who lived under such regimes had a hard time. In my opinion, humanity will not be able to do without God, even if it steals the concept of love, family, sacrifice, service, and caring for the weak from believers. For in the concept of evolutionary development without God, such moral guidelines are meaningless. They are all stolen from believers.

  23. No. Or do you think that a certain person will come who will teach everyone how to live? I don't think so.�

    As many people say: “everything was invented long ago.” How to live properly has long been invented. It remains only to take this.

  24. It seems to me that you represent some absolutely unrealistic utopia and do not realize all the difficulties of building a world in which “People will no longer need God”. What is the meaning of these words? Someone or something will provide us with answers to the most important questions of the universe? Maybe it will be science? But science does not even set itself such a goal. Further, do you plan that in this new world there will be no problem of suffering, injustice and sin? Will life and death issues be resolved? There will be peace everywhere and everyone will live happily ever after?�

    I don't think this is even possible in principle. Not to mention that the statements “People don't need God” and “There is no God” are absolutely not equivalent.

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