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  1. Value (speaking not about human life, I tend to consider it absolute) is a relative thing.

    This is a very slippery topic, but in general, such situations really exist – when death will cause a very big reaction, which will “help” some very big things. In general, in a sense, “dead heroes” (i.e., people who died at the peak of popularity) added to this very popularity, and sometimes perpetuated their name for a fairly significant period of time (otherwise it would have been much less popular).

    I understand that the last example is very cynical, and it cannot be called positive in any way, it is only an example of how you can play on feelings.

    However, it is quite possible to model a situation in which the death of a person will “improve” society – in the extreme, this is something like Christ, who gave his life for others so that they realized their mistakes and began to live better.

    To be honest, I do not know such examples, but I think that they exist when someone's death occurred at the “right” time and worked as a catalyst for exposing this or that problem, and later this issue somehow improved.

    However, it is important to understand that such ideas of “sacrificing little to achieve more” do not lead to good things a priori; Dostoevsky also said that if you just need to sacrifice one innocent baby for universal happiness, then this is not happiness at all.

    Therefore, in the general case-no, there is nothing like that, most often such demagogy does not take into account or underestimates many external factors.

    There may also be a theoretical situation where a group of people needs to sacrifice one of them to survive (for example, when the group gets lost in some mountains/forests, supplies are very small, and one of the participants is seriously injured, and the saved food will allow the rest to escape). Or the hero of Hemingway from “For Whom the Bell tolls”, who delayed his enemies with his life, giving his allies time – here it is more valuable than the life of a person who is wounded and does not want to let the whole group down.

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