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  1. Oh, I'm a fan of all sorts of useful apps and tools πŸ™‚

    So far, my hit parade looks like this:

    β€” Gmail Mail

    – Telegram οΏ½and Facebook messenger – for personal and business communication

    – WorkFlowy is a brilliant app for creating an infinite number of nested lists. I use it as a note taker and tudu

    – Evernote – οΏ½I use it as a knowledge base and storage of all sorts of information

    – Dropbox – for storing everything

  2. Pinterest is just a great app where you can find aesthetic photos

    Stellio – a good music player

    eBoox is a great reader πŸ™‚

    Wikipedia – there is everything about everything

    Date Calculator – Use this app to calculate the number of days between dates, the number of working days, the number of + or – days before a given date

  3. My personal top:

    FaceTime – a lot of my friends live in different parts of the world, but almost all of them use iPhones. We communicate every day.

    WhatsApp – friends who don't use iPhones. We communicate every day.

    Evernote – I won't go to bed if I don't create a “to-do list for tomorrow”.

    Quora – I don't write there, but I read it all the time.

    The Question – I write, read, and often check my pluses πŸ™‚

    Township-yes, my children and I feed chickens, cows, and ducks.

    I can live without Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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