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  1. The subject reflects the object, Then the object reflects the subject,But there is only the Subject. An object with a description of the subject is an illusion of the mind.The object is an integral enenrgy separated from each other. Although they differ, they consist of the same substance-ether. That is, there is really only a subject.The object exists in the past , and the past and future are also illisies of the mind.That is, the description of something is an illusion . Absolutely anything. As a result, there is only the subject and the object is an illusion. So it's automatically non-negotiable

  2. An object is an object or category that the subject's action is directed at.A subject is an individual or group of people who interact with an object.

    The subject of cognition is a carrier of subject-practical activity and cognition, a source of cognitive activity aimed at the subject of cognition.The subject of cognition can be either an individual (individual) or various social groups (society as a whole).

    The object of knowledge can be both material formations (chemical elements, physical bodies, living organisms) and social phenomena (society, human relationships, their behavior and activities).

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