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  1. There is a special set of exercises for the brain, which is called neurobiology (by analogy with aerobics). The essence is to organize the work of the organs of perception (sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste) in a new way, not as we are used to. New associative connections are created between different types of sensations.

    • Exercises can be performed anytime, anywhere. For example, taking a shower and brushing your teeth without a light, going to work on a new route, watching a movie with the sound turned off, trying to play the dialogue of the characters, etc.
    • Strengthen interhemispheric connections by performing the usual actions – combing, brushing your teeth, writing with a different hand than you are used to. If you are right-handed, learn to do it with your left hand, and vice versa.
    • Develop tactile sensitivity by touching pieces of fabric of different textures or coins of different denominations with your eyes closed.
    • Prepare new dishes, unusual and unusual.
    • Make a rearrangement at home, change the screen saver on the desktop.
    • Change the usual pace of life. If you're always in a hurry, slow down and extend your breakfast time to 30 minutes instead of 10 minutes. Enjoy your meal and the way you savor each bite. If, on the contrary, you are slow, try to do something at a fast and active pace.
    • Visit new places, meet new people.
    • Solve logic puzzles, learn a new language, and play chess.

    New experiences enrich our lives, keep the brain in good shape, develop attention, memory, thinking, and imagination. And most importantly, they increase the quality of life and improve the emotional background.

  2. Good answers from Anna Sokurenko, Iskander M.

    You need to constantly read, learn new things, in the seemingly old and, most importantly:

    • reflect on what you've read.

    In Russian, each word, in different contexts, takes on a new, sometimes unexpected meaning.

    • The more you learn new meanings, the more active your brain becomes.

    Think about how easy it is for you to find the answer.

    • Guess the five-letter word that denotes a criminal offense. If you take away the first and last letters of this word, you get an inhabitant of a clear lake.
  3. 1. Learn new things.

    One of the most important exercises for the brain. Significantly reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease. No matter what, the main thing is that the information is new

    Nothing casual. 2. It sounds like a phrase from books on self-development, but in fact such small things as: driving to work another way, brushing your teeth with your left hand ( if you brushed with your right, then vice versa) make the brain not rot and work

    3.�Take Omega-3 supplements

    Even if you do exercise, your brain will perform worse without power sources. Therefore, supplement your diets with either Omega-3 supplements or foods that contain this supplement, such as fish, walnuts, etc.

    4. What not to trust-games that promise to improve your memory 5 times, attention 10 times, etc.

    On the road to improving the brain, we are willing to believe anything to make it better. But as scientists have proven, the benefits of such applications are the same as from ordinary video games

    5. Play sports and go out for a walk

    It has been proven for a relatively long time, but this information is still not in the masses, that a walk in the park will be more useful for your brain than solving a crossword puzzle. Because your brain needs oxygen more than finding numbers in Sudoku

    Recently, there has been a lot of popular science literature about the brain and how to properly handle it, which is quite simple for the average reader. If you are really interested in your brain and how to help it, then I advise you to read it�

    1. Taming the Amygdala: And other brain training tools-John Arden

    2. An idiotic, priceless brain. How we fall for all the tricks and tricks of our brain – Dean Burnett

    3. Brain. Instructions for use. How to use your abilities to the maximum and without overloading-David Rock

    Good luck!

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