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  1. I recommend paying attention to the jobEQ professional test, which is used all over the world by recruiters when hiring specialists of the highest level, consultants, psychologists, etc.

    You can find information about this test on the Internet (best of all, look in the English-speaking segment, since few people work with it in Russia, but there are certified specialists with extensive experience)

    I'll explain in simple words, because I took this test myself. It lets you know what really drives you, what you focus on. For example, how important money is to you, how you use your time, whether you pay attention to details, or whether the global is important. There are several dozen metaprograms.

    This test gives you an understanding of why you do things this way or that, what works best for you, why this or that type of activity is suitable, why you do one thing easily and the other is difficult, and so on.

    This test helped me understand a lot about myself, not only in terms of my professional activities, but also about myself in general. I helped you understand yourself and use your strengths, while being aware of your weaknesses, and not wasting your resources.

    The only point is that if you just pass this test, you are unlikely to be able to interpret it correctly. To do this, you need a career guidance consultant who will make a high-quality analysis of the test and explain how to apply the acquired knowledge.

    The test is paid and can only be passed by those who have a certificate.

  2. Take a look here. Judging by the reviews, the tests are compiled correctly. Ideally, the results of psychometric tests should be interpreted by a specialist; a computer program cannot take everything into account.�

    This organization, by the way, offers the services of a career guidance psychologist.


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