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  1. I will quote from my own experience. Try to solve problems such as operations with numbers, calculations of eng as much as possible independently. use your own formulas. Various online answer books are stultifying, and even then it makes no sense for you to keep different formulas in your head and be able to think quickly and logically. Further, it is worth expanding your horizons, reading more and learning new things, and doing it systematically. The brain gets used to working with a lot of information and a smaller amount of it will not be a problem, and the biggest plus is that the list of topics for conversation will expand, and again, you will strain and develop memory when you want to tell this or that fact you read .
    And if everything is bad,then you can start strengthening your memory with various games-exercises like name words from a certain list in order or in reverse order, learn poems (and thoughtfully, so it will be easier for you to remember),

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