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  1. what does “safe” mean? it is relatively safe to eat mushrooms, i.e. there are no recorded cases of deaths from mushrooms (which ones are there, you can look for them yourself). from the legal point of view, it is also relatively safe, because there is no sale or transfer of narcotic substances, if you eat immediately,then there is no storage. such mushrooms are difficult to find if you are not a mushroom picker.

    very affordable-no sleep for several days, even safe, because there is control.

    affordable, safe from the law, but not safe for health-delirium tremens.

    relatively affordable, relatively safe for health, but not safe from the side of mental balance and from the side of the law-drugs

  2. Lucid dreaming. You can find a lot of information using this method, but a brief summary: you ask yourself if this is a dream by looking at your hands/in the mirror, write down and remember all the dreams, and one day you answer yourself: “yes, this is a dream” – in a dream) And you create and see whatever you want. What's wrong with galyuns?�

    I also saw this: you fall asleep with half a ping-pong ball in front of you, but you don't close your eyes. If you don't fall asleep, then in about twenty minutes the entire fountain waterfall will still be dancing in your everyday field of vision.

    And in general, why drugs, if dreams are the most plausible trips;)

  3. I don't know how safe this is, but once I decided to experiment with such a phenomenon as “white noise”. In general, I lay down on my back, after turning off the light in the room, plugged in my headphones, closed my eyes and started white noise, but louder. By the way, you need to cover your eyes with something. In general, I did not wait for the effect for very long (5-7 minutes), at the first manifestations I jumped up, because I felt uneasy. Who will try it, please unsubscribe, it's interesting for you:)

  4. Relatively safe overdose of remantadine. This is a flu medicine that is readily available and sold without a prescription. You will have an inexplicable joy and fun, tinnitus, too bright colors, but the next day you will be sick.

  5. I can't recommend LSD to you, because it is illegal, although this acid is easy to get in almost any city, and it has no physiological effects that are dangerous to health (not that it is completely safe for the psyche, read the contraindications).

    Interesting article on the topic:�https://geektimes.ru/post/274236/

  6. Hyperventilation of the lungs! Lie on your back, close your eyes, and inhale as deeply as possible for 1-2 minutes without stopping. Hallucinations and a state of mild insanity are guaranteed.

    PS You should not get too carried away after all.

  7. According to my friend, cognac and teraflu give an effect (she mixed it by accident, I don't know the proportions).

    Even a long lack of sleep somehow affects the psyche, but for me it simply expressed itself as “dancing” walls.

    After general anesthesia, it can be fun, but not for everyone. That is, who has glitches, who does not have them.

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