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  1. Dear Alexey,

    I know three ways to help your brain work better:
    1 / feed it with suitable food;
    2 / drink some water in a timely manner;
    3/ train it, that is, make it find solutions to real or model/training problems.

    Like any organ, the brain can be trained. Here are just crosswords, Rubik's cube and finger exercises weak assistants in this case.

    We need CASES: descriptions of problem situations. The brain perceives them as real and looks for solutions. I publish such cases in the Sources of Wisdom community.

    The fourth way is to use super tools that help the brain, for example, instantly get into the area of Ideal Solutions, where
    By itself, what is needed is done, for example:
    – water runs out of the tap by itself;
    – heat and light appear by themselves;
    – waste disappears by itself;
    – money flows into the wallet by itself;
    – the child learns willingly;
    – and so on.

    All those who do not use these methods are forced to spend time, money, energy, and nerves searching for solutions.

    They are forced to overwork their brain, swallow alcohol, stimulants, and wheels in order to heat up the “creative process”.

    And those who use 4 ways-easily solve problems that are supposedly not solved. Getting from this not only money, but also an abyss of pleasure.

    Think for yourself, decide for yourself what methods to use!

    All Reasonable Things!

  2. Good afternoon! Of course, first you need to understand what exactly in the question “work better” means in relation to the brain, but let's focus on the average indicators – a rational approach, quick memorization, making quick informed decisions, the ability to disconnect from negativity and third-party problems, the ability to build tasks, organize them, and including all the necessary intellectual components.

    This will make it easier to understand that an effective brain is primarily a calm brain, when a person is resistant to stress, has skills in managing emotional intelligence, and does not allow the level of anxiety to increase. It is anxiety in an adult that is the antagonist of efficiency, when the brain becomes restless, it stops performing its tasks and constantly switches to living disturbing thoughts.

    One of the tools for relieving anxiety is meditation, it can be combined with breathing practices, with yoga, for example, this is the simplest thing that a modern person always has at hand. Of course, in cases of severe anxiety, as well as if the person is ready, it is recommended to work with a specialist for a comprehensive relaxation and study of stressful situations, as well as various psychological traumas.

  3. I recommend playing board games and exercising (at least morning exercises). At the very least, it helps my students learn a foreign language.

  4. In my opinion, the human brain works solely in connection with the responsibility it is able to bear to the Harmony of the Universe and change for the better mental activity is possible with a comprehensive change in the person as a whole ( lifestyle , attitude to reality, etc.). And any activation of the brain, without changing itself, can lead to a mental disorder at least.

  5. I am surprised by so many drugstore brain boosters. Caffeine, taurine have a short-term effect, and the effectiveness of nootropics is not proven at all (is there none?).�

    In a conversation about substances, it is impossible not to mention a couple of successful drug addicts:Paul Erdos is a famous mathematician who used amphetamines all the time and was very productive in terms of mathematical ideas. Steve Jobs did not shy away from psychotropic substances, and also gave rise to many great thoughts. But there is no denying the fact that these people were initially completely in their own business, and this is often enough to achieve success to some extent. And the drugs gave a boost. Maybe not so big? Although Jobs is controversial, he said that experimenting with LSD as a young man was one of the most important things in his life.�

    In general, first you need to decide what it means to make the brain work better? And why his current job doesn't suit you. Is it difficult to learn? Or is it difficult to build abstractions in your head? Perhaps you should first accept the fact that such problems are not solved in a day or a month or a year. You need to continue working in your chosen scientific field and you will definitely become smarter, and everywhere.

  6. Well, if you mean – attention, commands, then you can just get enough sleep, and everything will be fine , and if you do not sleep at least 7-9 hours, the brain will not be able to fully work.
    You will want to sleep, and the brain will only think about it, so it's better to get a good night's sleep, and not take any pills!

    If we talk about the mind, memory – just study LONG, HARD!
    After all, it was not for nothing that everyone said the saying –
    Live for a century-learn for a century!

    And of course, the final part – as always!
    In nature, everything IS INTERCONNECTED!
    Sleep so that you have attention and follow commands – and if you do, you will remember a lot, study hard, and be able to be healthy if you don't smoke or drink!

    Thanks for your attention!

  7. How to improve brain function, tips.

    1. Draw-drawing stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain, and promotes the development of creative skills. It doesn't matter if you draw poorly – in the end, you will not be drawing for the exhibition in the Hermitage, but for yourself and your development.

    2. Write – even if you are not an author, write, let your creativity find a way out. Keep a diary, and try to express your thoughts in it in a literary style. While writing, you engage critical thinking and develop your analytical skills.

    3. Perform physical exercises-physical education has a beneficial effect on the entire body, including the brain. Therefore, we are not lazy, we get up in the morning and do exercises, go outside, walk in the park or forest, and breathe fresh air.

    4. Brainwave stimulation-probably a new expression for most of you, it is the stimulation of the brain with a sound or image. Brainwave stimulation is a safe technology, but be extremely careful when choosing the manufacturer of these products.

    5. Self-hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to inspire yourself with certain states and attitudes. Well, the practice of self-hypnosis itself, as studies show, reduces tension, increases the pain threshold and clarifies thinking.

    6. Brainstorming-brainstorming techniques stimulate creative thinking and help you develop new ideas. This is a great way to give your brain a creative boost and set it up for productive work.

    7. Solve crosswords – a great way to pass the time with the benefit of the mind. Solving crosswords and crosswords promotes the development of critical thinking and memory. If you do this regularly, you'll notice a difference.

    8. Play chess-perhaps the smartest game in the world. By playing chess, you develop logical thinking, memory, concentration, perseverance and many other skills.

    9. Ask questions – when you ask questions, to yourself or to anyone else, you force your brain to search hard for the answer, not just to remember, but to reflect, analyze and compare options. Start being interested in the world around you like children, and this will certainly improve your brain function.

    10. Think positively-positive thinking causes positive emotions, and those in turn contribute to the production of good hormones and improve thought processes, while negative thinking has a different effect – it “clogs” thought processes, limiting the width of thinking.

    11. Avoid stress – small amounts of stress can have a “tonic” effect on our body, while its excess has a devastating effect. During times of stress, the body produces the hormone “cortisol”, which, in large quantities, kills brain cells.

    12. Be aware – try not to act automatically, and also do not allow your emotions to control your behavior. Be here and now, watch your emotions, thoughts and actions. Become the master of your body and mind.

    13. Meditate – Meditation is known to increase IQ, reduce stress, and improve brain function. In addition, meditation activates the “prefrontal cortex” of the brain, an area responsible for thinking speed and productivity.

    14. Visualize – your brain can't distinguish imaginary situations and circumstances from real ones. Use this feature to expand your mental experience. Imagine yourself in different situations as you would like to behave in them – this will lead to the formation of new connections in the brain and may subsequently change your behavior.

    15. Deep breathing-Deep breathing increases the level of oxygen in the blood, contributing to better oxygen saturation of brain cells. Don't be too lazy to spend 10 to 15 minutes deep breathing a day, and over time, you'll probably start to notice the difference.

    16. Laugh – it's not for nothing that they say “laughter is the best medicine”. When you laugh, your brain naturally releases endorphins – chemicals that numb pain and boost your overall well-being. In addition, laughter reduces the effects of stress.

    17. Argue is one of the easiest ways to improve your brain function. During an argument, you express your point of view, force your brain to actively search for arguments and recall facts. Just don't bring your argument to a boiling point – know when to stop.

    18. Make Changes-Keep your brain in shape by making changes to your surroundings. This is really a simple task-change the route from home to work, walk in different places, eat different foods, make a rearrangement in the house, and so on. Changes in the environment contribute to the creation of new connections between brain cells, which naturally improves its abilities.

  8. I never drank at all. I can't check whether it affected or not, there is a lot of energy. I am already 36 years old and healthy as a bull. I have 3 children and I will run 5 km safely. My friends are in worse shape.�

    The brain cooks hoo-hoo!

  9. It depends on what is meant by improving your work. Separate exercises can train memory, separate reaction speed, separate ability to focus on a task. If we are talking about general recommendations for increasing productive work time, then read about biohacking. For example, here: bulletproofexec.com

    Abstract: sleep 7-8 hours (going to bed and getting up at the same time), meditate (you can start with this budsas.org), drink it every day some coffee (or order them special bulletproof coffee), eat right (removed from the diet sugar, gluten and allergens, to add healthy fats), more likely to be in the fresh air regularly to somehow get out of the comfort zone, learn positive (“with gratitude”) is to perceive what is happening. Well, nootropics that have already been recommended-it is better to take them for a long time, in courses.

  10. I can speak out about nootropics, since I took many drugs and “cursed” them. What is phenotropil, based on the chemical formula? Roughly speaking, this is a piracetam molecule (pharm name nootropil, luacetam, etc.), to which a phenolic ring is attached. It works as a stimulant, the effect of which many people take for a nootropic effect. And the piracetam part is responsible for the nootropic effect, it manifests itself only after 2-3 weeks of taking 4 g/day (in terms of pure piracetam). In addition, piracetam works with acetylcholine, which must be “introduced” into the body, what is in the brain may not be enough, which in turn can give a headache as a symptom. Even if a nootropic effect appears after 2-3 weeks of the course of phenotropil ( a stable nootropic effect is also called a plateau), the body will simply be exhausted by constant stimulation from the phenyl group. When I take phenotropil and lecithin, I lost a lot of weight (hello, the phenyl group), there was stimulation, but I didn't feel the nootropic effect. Before that, I took piracetam 4 g/day and lecithin as a supplement(for the production of acetylchlein), after a month I reached a plateau, became more attentive and my memory improved a little. By the way, after the phenotropil, there was “twitchiness” and a slight asthenia, which I “treated” with picamilon(I don't advise doing such swings either).

    In general, spit on these nootropics. They act differently on everyone: they can harm someone, someone can just waste money (a pack of phenotropil costs 900 rubles) �and get no effect. Go outside more often and get enough sleep, it helped me more than nootropics.

  11. Lucetam-1200 mg, Picamilon 50 mg, Cinnarizine 25 mg.

    Drink all together: In the morning, in the middle of the day and around six o'clock in the evening.

    Lucetam one tablet, Picamilon one tablet, cinarizine two tablets.�

    Believe me, at first you will feel like a superman, but it will also be sleepy, you need to adapt the body to a new level.

  12. In this text, I do not encourage you to act in such a way and do not take responsibility for the consequences of following these instructions.

    The first week. Phenotropil(10 tablets), after a meal in 30 minutes (in the morning), after 3 hours of coffee, after another two hours to eat and another tablet of phenotropil and again a cup of coffee. Do this for a week.

    Second week. Buy piracetam and caffeine tablets (all together 100-150 rubles). After a meal, in 30-40 minutes, in the morning one tablet of piracetam and caffeine in tablets. Repeat everything at lunch, preferably after 4-5 hours to repeat.

    Third week. Buy Doppel Herz with ginseng and caffeine tablets. (480-530 rubles). Repeat the same procedure as with piracetam.

    The fourth week, do the same as in the first.

    Thank you for your attention, sleep well and eat well, good luck.

  13. I use Phenotropil.

    One tablet in the morning after a meal, and your brain works much better, reaction time is reduced, concentration increases, productivity is just rushing.

  14. Sydnokarb. If they don't sell it without a prescription, try looking at other pharmacies.
    If you are naked at all, go to a therapist and ask for a psychiatrist. Next, complain about fatigue and depression.

  15. For better brain function, you need to activate it. These are all practices.

    1) Pay attention to it!

    2) Give it air.

    3) Give him food.

    4) Give him ka-food.

    5) Train regularly.

    And when the brain “wakes up” there will be no turning back!!! He will steer, no matter what he does. And it is impossible to keep it!

    This is from personal practice. I've never met or heard of any teachers in this area.

  16. The fact that you are asking this question is a good thing. But you probably won't find any answers here, just general solutions. The most effective way to make your brain work better. Think more, think more often. Be aware of every sentence you read

  17. Humanity has not yet come up with a single thing, a pill, magic water or syrup, from the action of which the brain would start working at 200% (of course, there are drugs, but this is illegal). If you believe that if you get drunk on glycine and various nootropics in huge dosages, you will be able to solve triple integrals and huge Newtonian binomials in your mind, then I have bad news for you — you were very hard fucked in the pharmacy and divorced for money, you will not get the result (except, perhaps, a night on the toilet). As a couple of adequate people said above, the best way for the brain to work is good sleep, physical activity and proper nutrition (where there are all the necessary vitamins and minerals). EVERYTHING!

    If you want to stimulate the brain-please: coffee, green tea, energy drinks. The effect is not very long, but IT WORKS. You can take some psychostimulating substances, many scientists were delighted with them and pissed with boiling water when they gave out theories as good as Einstein after the next trip (but this is still illegal, and I strongly urge you not to do this!).�

    Well, for the little ones, here is a wonderful video where your “valsebny naatlops and gletsyn” are torn to smithereens:�


  18. If you move away from nootropics, antidepressants and speed, then my top is this:

    Coffee or strong green tea with a wonderful amount of sweetness;

    Sugar or glucose, washed down with water;

    Ampoule of b12 intramuscularly;

    Sports energy gel or pre-workout from a jock shop-gawks so much that just hold on.

    For the future, we drink B vitamins, glycine and melatonin. They improve the recovery of the nervous system, make a deeper and more pleasant sleep, due to which the state of health becomes better overall. You can also drink a course of potassium orotate, if the body does not take out physical activity.

  19. To boost the psyche, I use a combination of nootropics (piracetam, Phenotropil), several stimulants (ephedrine, caffeine), adaptogens (plant extracts, ladasten), monoamine reuptake inhibitors ( chlorphenamine, atomoxetine). In a complex, this raises the head to a new level more effectively than individually.

  20. The average person's brain works well, from the point of view of biochemistry. Therefore, it makes no sense to improve it by using psychoactive drugs, as recommended above.
    No one disputes that the same phenotropil “accelerates” the brain, but it is worth remembering that you need to pay for everything. In the case of phenotropil, it is aggressiveness and dysphoria.
    There is no nootropic that actually improves cognitive function, rather than acting as a stimulant, for healthy people. Nootropic drugs are effective only for certain pathological processes in the brain. Therefore, they are mainly indicated for use in Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and various organic lesions.

    Proper nutrition, moderate exercise, and good sleep are important for good brain function.

    Most people with the query “how to make the brain work better” have a lack of energy for current activities, feel that they are exhausted. And here there are two options: either they really pay little attention to rest and recovery after exercise, or they spend most of their mental energy idle. The second option often occurs in neurosis, when the nervous system experiences pathological arousal, as if fixated on the conflict. The gramophone is spinning, but it can't play this song – the record is stuck.

    Summary: people who lead a healthy lifestyle and experience cognitive deficits should consider checking for mental or organic disorders.

  21. The effectiveness of nootropics has never been proven. And cases of memory improvement after taking the latter can be no more than a placebo.
    But whose effectiveness is proven, so it is vitamins of group B. Personally, I took “neurorubin”.

  22. Nootropics (phenotropil) are a good thing. But not for long. It is necessary to drink courses. A couple of months.

    Sydnocarb is also a very controversial drug. They are addictive and the body adapts to their action-reduces the production of certain hormones.�

    At the time of passing exams, nootropics are best. And so, you can drink glycine, succinic acid, caffeine, taurine, el carnitine. They increase the efficiency of the brain. More jojomarin. And on an ongoing basis.

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