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  1. In wisdom, well, and in a cool gray beard. It can be said that a person does not have to live all his life to know the world and that with age a person's mental abilities deteriorate, but, one way or another, the wiser-the older.

    You can develop this topic further, but in general, the answer, I believe, is given

  2. Just make a reservation that you can only talk about the advantages of old age when everything is in order financially and there is good health (or access to good medicine), because it is difficult to find advantages in poverty and diseases. And so it seems to me that in old age you can relax and be yourself, and not think that people will think about you. Before that, people worry all the time – about their appearance, their career. First, teenage complexes. Then you're 25, and you're still nobody. It seems that every rash decision or wrong step can derail your entire life. The boss will think the wrong thing and kill your career, and you may already be responsible for a lot of people (children and your parents). But in your old age, you have already achieved everything and don't owe anyone anything! Send everyone to hell and do whatever you want! Have fun as you want, for example, like this: peoples.ru And the more eccentric you are, the cooler you are! Society is distrustful of eccentric young people and loves eccentric grandmothers:)) And it just comes to understand that any “tragedy” can be experienced. P.S. Anyone who now writes that they already live as they want – you can envy, you are lucky. But in general, in adult life, to take, so to speak, a worthy place in society, you have to play by the rules (or at least pretend to), and these rules are boring, damn it.

    1. You live to old age without dying prematurely (difficult).

    2. You find a country where the form of government is gerontocracy.

    3. You move there.

    4. You get to the top of the government pretty quickly.

    5. ???

    6. PROFIT!

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