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  1. Historicism (not to be confused with historicism) This is the theory according to which “the task of the science of history (and more broadly, the sciences of society) is to discover the laws of human history that make it possible to predict the future development of society.”One of the main critics of historicism is Popper, who argues that this position, arguing that the future is deterministic and inevitable, removes the democratic responsibility of each of us to participate in the evolution of society. Poper advocated testing any theory of isoricism (S) by the method of falsification. He also stated, playing on a famous saying of Marx, ” The historicist can only explain social development and help it in various ways; however, the point, in his opinion, is that no one can change it.”

    Leo Strauss also criticized him in the same way, saying that he “denies political philosophy” . In his works, he criticizes, and warns about what is happening, and leads to totalitarianism and tyranny. In his exchange with Alexander Kozhev, Strauss also blames Nazism and Communism.

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