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  1. As an artist, I have a question about the artist's interaction with the museum. It now looks one-sided (I'm talking about St. Petersburg, I don't know how things are in Moscow or other Russian cities). There is no public information about the selection of artists to participate in an exhibition (such as open calls in private galleries). There is no procedure or regulation for museum curators to meet artists. There are no methods of interaction. Just some personal connections. And that's why there are a lot of questions about which artists are included in the museum's clip and why. I want more openness and some clear communication procedures.

  2. I agree with Nadezhda's words, but I do not have enough understanding: the exhibition policy of museums, their system of selecting authors for projects. In simple terms, I want to understand why the authors on display in the museum are truly outstanding contemporary art. After all, one of the functions of the museum is to form what is “taken into the future”from the entire huge layer of art of our days

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