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  1. You can recall the well-known comic about the differences in the worldview of techies and humanities. I will quote one picture from it: “Humanist:” A glass is always either half full or half empty. “Tech guy:” A glass = 1/2 water + 1/2 air, so it's always full!” I believe that this comic, due to its humorous direction, slightly exaggerates reality, but it has not gone so far from it. Techies think more rationally when the thinking of humanitarians goes in the other direction – irrationality. I can give an example from my personal life, only with the correction that I am a natural scientist, I think we can be put between rationality and irrationality, but in the situations that I will give, I can be considered as a humanitarian. My friend is an obvious tech guy, and when we walk together, he always goes somewhere, in his navigator on the phone there is always a certain place in which we(he) have a certain goal. But I like it better when we just go on an unfamiliar road in search of something interesting. Of course, it will also be obvious, but when we have biology on the school schedule, I am happy, and when I am a mathematician, he is happy.

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